Strap Code Themes Club (1)

Why Do I Need To Join The Club?

Joining WP Strap Code Premium themes club is optional and comes with the following benefits You get access to all our current themes plus all of the themes we release during the validity of your membership Priority support via our … Continue reading

Tips And Tricks (5)

How Do I Hide The Tags

In order to hide the tags you’ll need to do one of the two things – either create a child theme where you can make all of your modifications or for minor changes, use a custom css plugin. Using either … Continue reading

How Do I Upgrade My Theme

When you get notification that a new version is now available you’ll need to log in to your account and download the new version. For convenience and automate the process we recommend using the Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin … Continue reading

My Child Theme Does Not Work

With almost all of our themes all relevant stylesheets are enqueued via the function wp_enqueue_styles() or wp_enqueue_scripts() which allows us to keep all of our CSS and JS files in one location within the theme. When it comes to child … Continue reading

How Do I Show Excerpts On The Archive, Category And Author Pages?

The easiest way to show excerpts on the archives, categories and author pages is to create a child theme which should contain the following files. style.css – this should identify the theme as being a child theme of… archive.php – … Continue reading

How Do I Show The Featured Section And Ascending Order Posts On A Blog Page?

The beauty of WordPress is we can use child themes with custom functions to achieve almost anything that can be achieved with WordPress where the main theme has not covered. A question was raised on how to have a separate … Continue reading