Meet the all new WP ParaStrap theme – crafted with a little bit of magic from Underscores, Bootstrap and Parallax slider.


Clean, modern and very functional, the WP ParaStrap Lite theme is ideal for any type of WordPress powered website – from your standard WordPress blog through to an elegant looking Business website, this baby delivers on all counts.

The theme comes packed with the following features – just to name a few…


ParaStrap CustomizerParallax effect slider using your standard posts and featured images – no need to construct your sliders separately.

Bootstrap powered for ease adaptation on all viewing media – Responsive and Mobile ready out of the box.

Custom customizer with….

General options to switch between full posts or excerpts – set excerpt length and the ability to hide the comment form on attachment page.

Home Slider Options – Select category, set excerpt length, number of slides, or just simply hide the slider.

Home Intro Options – Add a catchy intro message with a call to action button with built option to show the intro or hide it.

Home Content Option – Using the custom home page template choose to show the page content, page title, show or hide the posts, select the post category, set a section title, set the excerpt length, set number of posts or simply hide the section all together.

WP ParaStrap is designed with web aesthetic in mind and gives your website a clean and elegant look with minimal effort and no coding skills required at all.

Click the button below to see a demo of the theme and get a feel of what WP ParaStrap can do for your site.

[wpzocial account=”secondary” type=”default” href=””]View WP ParaStrap In Action[/wpzocial] [wpzocial account=”download-secondary” type=”default” href=””]Download WP ParaStrap[/wpzocial]


    • Hello James,

      Glad you like the theme.

      At the moment the pro version isn’t quiet ready yet to be released i.e. I don’t believe it has enough extra features to warrant it as a Pro yet. The slider has been one of the sticking points in terms of not only including a default background but adding in options to select more pre-configured images as well as allow for the option to upload a custom background. This function seems to break some installations on some servers with old configuration.

      I hope to revisit the project very shortly to see if there has been progress in the way of workarounds and if so I’ll get it completed and released soon.