Namely this theme addresses the following raised queries:

  • Makes the navbar fixed on scroll – i.e. the navbar remains visible at the top of the site as one scrolls down the page.
  • Removes the header image and replaces it with an internal narrower header section containing the site title only.

Alternatively if one needs to show the same header thorough the site then the file header.php located in the child theme can edited as follow:

  1. @line 26 remove only this code “if ( is_front_page() ) :” – make sure to leave the “?>” in place!
  2. Remove all of the code from line 56 through to 70 and save.
  3. Finally add the following CSS rules to the style.css file located in the child theme folder:

.single #section7, .singular #section7 {
margin-top: 76px;

With the above edits in place the site header image together with its content should now show throughout the entore site.

If you have any issues with the above or any other aspects of child themeing please feel free to ask in the comments.

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  1. Shri

    How can I remove the internal narrower header section from different pages?

    Great theme – just want to make this change. Thanks

  2. Ify

    thank you Zulf for this beautiful theme.
    I really want to remove the Proudly Powered By WordPress | Theme Unconditional By WP Strap Code
    but I see from your previous response to others I need to have knowledge of how to use child theme to do that.

    I must tell you am a complete WUSIWUG “no code idea” person.
    Is there any other way to do it simpler?

    Thanks. And your theme rocks!

    • Hello Ify,

      Thank you for the kind words and glad to hear you like the theme.

      A simple solution to your requirements would be to copy footer.phph from the main theme and paste it in the child theme folder. You’d them proceed to remove the code block starting @line 6 to line 12 and then save.

      The above will completelty remove the footer text.

      Let me now how that goes and if there’s anything else I can help with.


  3. Maria Ellis

    I love your theme! For some reason there is a picture of what looks like an insect showing up under the 2 pictures I chose for the sliding header. Is there some way to get rid of that?

    It doesn’t show on every page, just some of them. Please help!

  4. Reb

    Hi Zulf,

    I”m having problems trying to remove the code from posts showing up on the Home page, any way I can get rid of it?

    So, for example, it’ll appear as:

    [Post Title:]
    A Test Article
    [with beginning of post text, but with code for image, video or caption]
    [embed][/embed] Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In maximus ex id leo luctus hendrerit. Aliquam erat volutpat. In vel ornare metus. Aliquam erat volutpat. Proin vel eros arcu. Praesent volutpat, mauris at fermentum volutpat, lectus ante interdum arcu, dapibus bibendum dui est ut lorem. Maecenas tincidunt lorem sit amet dictum aliquet. Morbi sit amet
    Continued »

    Great theme, and many thanks in advance,

    • Hello Reb,

      Copy content-home.php from the parent theme and place it in the content folder within the child theme. Once done, open the file up and change the code @line 27 from:
      < ?php echo unconditional_homefeed_excerpt(); ?> to:
      < ?php the_excerpt(); ?> and that should fix the issue for you.


  5. Mike

    Thanks for this great theme!
    Is there a way to make the image header an automatic scrolling header with multiple images?


  6. Quamruzzaman

    Zulfikar Nore,

    Thanks for your great work. I just love your great humanity and also unconditioanl theme! I appreciate your excellent work.

    A very small question for you, I want to show only 10 or 5 posts in home page. But how is it possible?

    Please let me know the easiest solution. Waiting for your response. Hope I will get quick solution.



    • Hello Quamruzzaman,

      You are most welcome.

      Blog feed view post number is controlled by WordPress. You need to go to Settings >> Reading >> Blog pages show at most to select the number of posts to show.

      Hope that helps.