Tashan - Sleek, elegant and stylish WordPress theme

We happy to announce that our 9th theme in our growing portfolio is coming soon!

The coding is now complete and the theme is to be uploaded to WordPress.org for review as soon as this post goes live.

Here’s a quick run down of what Tashan is all about.

The word “Tashan” comes from the Hindi language and means Style! Therefore Tashan is an elegant and stylish theme for any WordPress powered sites – From Blog Centric to News Centric and anything in between, Tashan delivers in style and control.

Tashan Features

  • Option to float the top nav menu right or left and apply a custom color
  • Custom Parallax header – with customizable Heading, Sub-heading, Call to action button, Social links and a widget area.
  • Set the top and bottom padding in the custom header, change font for heading and sub-heading with custom text and links.
  • Upload a custom background image or set a custom background color for the header area.
  • Showcase On Front Page – a fully widgetised area that can accommodate up to 5 widgets. Use with the Custom Recent Post gives the the site that News Centric look and feel.
  • Custom Recent Post Widget – with controls on what category to show, option to hide the thumbnails, post date and/or the custom excerpt.
  • Custom Recent Comment Widget – Showcase your sites recent comments in style(tashan way) with commenter’s Gravatar.
  • Apply custom font to the post titles, widget titles and the Recent Post widget post titles.
  • Switch between full content and the excerpt on the blog feed.
  • Hide comment form on single attachment view page

And much more to come!

Check out Tashan by clicking the button below and stay tuned for more information…

[wpzocial account=”secondary” type=”default” href=”http://www.wpstrapcode.com/tashan/”]Tashan Demo[/wpzocial] [wpzocial account=”download-secondary” type=”default” href=”http://wordpress.org/themes/tashan”]Download Tashan[/wpzocial]

Download latest version below pending upload to WordPress.org.

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  1. Hello Dear bro ,,, I am priya . i have just create an website 15 days ago with ur nice theme tashan -Version 1.0.4
    i like this theme so much , really its very nice theme ! but have a problem with me bro 🙁 there is no (read more )
    option for post ! have to click on post title to read full article . no option to read more ! few users asked me how they read full article its an problem with me brother . i tired with edit post insert more tag option but this not working too.
    think have to edit any code any php file !! i said i am new so dont know what i have to fix .
    can u tell me brother which code i have to put and in which php file & exact where have to put read more code !
    plz tell me details !! my english is not so good , I am from Bangladesh ! if any wrong here kindly try to understand my word !! waiting for nice solution ! thanks in advance

    • Zulfikar Nore

      Hello Priya,

      Thanks for using Tashan and glad you like it.

      You don’t have to edit anything or add any code – I’ve added the continue reading link to the theme when in excerpt mode. Please see the link above to download the latest version.

      I have a few more things to update and will upload to WordPress.org later this week.

      Let me know if that solve the problem or if there’s anything else I can help with.

      • thank u so much @Zulfikar Nore bro to reply me 🙂 i was so tense & had been waiting for ur nice response 🙂
        bro do u already updated ?? or still under process ?? & where i can get ur update theme bro ? plz give me that link !! really ur theme is awesome !! i like it o much 🙂
        said i am new at all about web site !!if i got any silly mistake try to see me as mercy 🙂 Again thanks for ur nice theme
        thanks in advance ……

        • Sorry bro i missed to say u something more about my problem !! u asked me have any others problem or not
          nice to here bro .
          sometime when i open my page or brows coming this > (your PHP installation appears to be missing the MYSQL extension which is required by wordpress )& not open my page for 1/2 minutes & after try 7/8 times then comes my page !! look this image brother wish u will get me .
          & bro another prob what i faced , is there is no option to see next page like (1,2,3,4 >> next )
          there has see (old post & new post) end the page but if u put ( .. next page )<< like this option end the page user can easily find & brows . & it will be awesome bro ! if it possible plz fix this ! i dont know u got me or not !!
          wish u got my prob .. said bro i am new so cant fix .. if u fix will be so thankful to u !!

          • Zulfikar Nore

            The error you are encountering is a server/hosting issue and you’ll need to talk to your hosting company and ask them to look in to it.

            As for the pagination/navigation that would mean change the design aesthetics which will not be in keeping the desired look and feel.

            What I can do though is maybe create a child theme with the different navigation type and then you can use that. Will have a copy up on the FAQ section in a few days time 🙂

        • Zulfikar Nore

          You are most welcome.
          The download link is up above – please scroll back to the section just below the demo button 🙂

          No, the version on WordPress.org has not been updated yet but should be done by the weekend.

          • oh!! dear bro !! thank u so much , continue reading option working fine 🙂
            u r really great & so kind bro ! really nice theme brother ,,, about 1000 theme i seen . i am 100% satisfied with ur theme bro 🙂 thanks a lot bro !!
            god bless u … take care 🙂

  2. Can we custimize header lengh to our desired size bcoz the header is really broad. Pessonally i don’t like broader headers but your theme is nice except header

    • Zulfikar Nore

      Hello Naveen,

      Yes, if you are comfortable with PHP/CSS code you are free to customize the theme as you see fit.

      What would be the ideal dimensions for the header?


  3. Hello bro @Zulfikar Nore . dont mind i asking u again same question 🙁
    sometimes my page appearing >> your php installation appear to be missing MYSQL extension which is required by wordpress .
    my site is > Araddho.com
    And always showing virtual memory full 🙁 bro dont mind plz asking same question again & again 🙁
    can u tell me bro actually where this problem ? u said before its server problem , i asked them they told me its not their problem . and they didnt help me 🙁 suffering so 🙁
    Note: using share hosting / & from bangladesh !
    badly need solution bro

    • Zulfikar Nore

      Sorry Priya, but those are server configuration issues and not WordPress or the theme for that matter.

      What happens when you visit the site PHP kicks in and invokes the call to run WordPress which in turn tries to connect to the database to retrieve the required settings and content that is to be shown. The problem here is that WordPress is either unable to connect to the database or there is a misconfiguration with the database in that it does not accept the connection.

      In either case only the hosting company can resolve those issues provide the information fed to WordPress via wp-config is correct. If you hosting company is fobbing you off and saying its not their problem then my suggestions is simply switch hosting company as you are not getting the service you are paying for.

      • how cordially you tried to solve my problem .. how cordially was your talk bro .. when i faced prob i asked you and u always tried to help me .thank you so much .. really you r so kind & so nice guy . Oops! my god, if In this way, the hosting company would try to solve my problem 🙁
        Anyway bro can i get your email address plz??

  4. Hello dear bro Zulfikar Nore , like to say you my previous problem solved now 🙂
    bro now wanna know has there any option to make footer widgets ?if i like to use footer widgets what have to do me ,
    if i need use any code for this , which code in which file & exact where have to use this code plz tell me .
    or if other solution by plugin ?? plz give solution bro 🙂 again many many thanks bro for your nice theme .
    really tashan is a great theme what i seen ….
    Note: now using wordpress 3.7.1 theme tashan . php 3.5 and my wordprss Url is Araddho.com
    thanks in advance …. god bless you 🙂