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We have completed and submitted our latest theme for review.

Tanzanite is an elegant multiple website building WordPress theme – Designed to be suitable for all kinds of website and built with extensibility in mind. Like most of our themes, Tanzanite is built on top of the Underscores starter theme and the Bootstrap framework.

This time round though we stepped away from using the Bootstrap Carousel and opted for the FlexSlider script instead with inspiration from the latest Default theme – Twenty Fourteen. See screenshot below or visit the demo site for a full preview of the theme: Tanzanite Live Preview.

On a side note, I recently released the Ridizain theme as a side project and as a challenge to myself to meet some of the issues/request a lot of user were making about the new Default theme Twenty Fourteen. If you haven’t guessed it yet, yes Ridizain (Redesign) is a redesigned version of the Twenty Fourteen theme. Ridizain is available in the repository for free.

If you are a committed user of the default theme then I created a plugin for a theme that gives you the ability customize the theme in many ways without ever having to touch a single line of code – check out Fourteen Extended plugins or  see alternatives on SoftwareFinder.

Getting back to Tanzanite theme, here’s the screenshot promised earlier and look out for a download link coming soon. Now to work on the Pro version 🙂

Tanzanite WordPressTheme


  1. I am using the tanzanite theme and I can’t find where to add the pictures above the first page blog post and also put a picture with the blogs. Thanks for your help in advance.

    • Hello Marla,

      You can add an image to each post on the post write screen by scrolling down and clicking the “Set featured image” link. Once an image is attached to a post the theme will automatically pull it and display it in the right place for you.

      This holds true to pages too.

      Hope that is what you are inquiring about, if not please give more details and I’ll do my best to assist you further.


  2. Hi, I’m trying to add an image in the same position as you have with the unicorn, but can’t seem to get this to happen. I have tried the featured image link, but nothing happens when an image is selected. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Hello Craig,

      The unicorn image at the top of the page is pulled in by the Featured Content Slider and is the post thumbnail of a post tagged specifically for the featured section.

      On your post edit make sure you have attached a featured image to the post, give it the desired tag for the featured section i.e featured and save. Then visit the theme customizer and under the Tanzanite Featured Content make sure the “Disable Featured Content Section?” box is not checked, select slider in the layout box and input your chosen tag – save and the featured content section should now show on the site.

      As for the Unicorn in the sidebar that is via the Tanzanite Ephemera widget – simply drag and drop in to the sidebar location and when it expands select Image in the Post Format To show dropdown section and save. Be sure to have designated the post as an Image Post Type though.

      Hopefully that helps get you going with the settings but if you need further assistance feel free to give me a shout.


  3. I am using Showcase One, Two and Three, but they’re not displaying 3-across as they do in your example (Our Mission, Our Services, Our Offer). Mine display 2 across and then the third one is below the first one.

    Can you tell me how to make them appear 3-across? Will that solution also work if I try to use Showcase Four, and want all four to appear across the front page horizontally?

    Thank you!

    Debi Davis

    • Hello Debi,

      Thank you for using Tanzanite and for your comment.

      Could I ask if all of the widgets are placed in their individual showcase location?
      A link to the site would also help to determine if there’s some conflict issues with other plugins that may be active.


  4. Debi Davis

    Thank you, Zulf, for your quick reply and attention to my question.

    Yes, each of the widgets is placed in an individual showcase location. In fact, as part of the trouble-shooting process, I tried putting them all in one showcase location but that caused them to be stacked vertically, one on top of the other. So, I went back to the original setup up and placed them each in their own showcase. So I’m back to two on one horizontal row, and the third one below.

    Here is the link to the site: This is just a temporary site as I’m exploring several different theme options that I will present to the client so they can make a choice. Therefore, I haven’t added any plugins at this point; so, a conflict caused by a plugin is probably not the cause of the problem.

    I really, really like the Tanzanite theme. If we can figure out how to make the widgets line up three-across, horizontally, I will be very proud to present it to the client.

    Thank you, Zulf!

    Debi Davis

    • Thank you for the link Debi – it has been of great help in locating the issue.

      As far as I can tell from the source code, the issue is to do with how the content on those pages is formulated. i.e. there’s an element in one or two of the pages that’s causing the widget output to break rank.

      My hunch is on how the images have been inserted in to the content – are they via the media upload? – Could you have a look at the first two pages (About Us & Real-Estate Inspections) and let me know please?

      I took the liberty of grabbing the content from your test site and recreated the site here: – as you can see, all looks fine 🙂

  5. Debi Davis

    Zulf – You are wonderful! If you don’t mind, I’d like to use the link you provided me to demonstrate to the client how their page could look with the Tanzanite theme.

    Once I get them to sign off on this choice as a theme, I will explore the solution that you proposed for getting all three widgets to appear in one horizontal line. I don’t know how the images were inserted into the original test site — someone else did it for me — but I’m guessing it was NOT via the media upload; so that is probably the cause of the problem, as you suggested.

    My next step will be to locate the .css style sheet (from the Twenty Fourteen theme?) and adjust the colors. Although I LOVE the colors in this theme, I’ll need to use the client’s color theme in the final site, and I’m assuming I’ll be able to do that – please confirm. This may be a bit too technical for me, but the web designer will probably be able to figure it out. (I’m just the strategist.)

    Thank you, Zulf, for your impeccable customer service. I am enjoying doing business with you, and hope we will be able to do more of it!

    Debi Davis

    • You are most welcome Debi – and yes, by all means you can use the test site for your client any time 🙂

      As for the Twenty Fourteen issue why reinvent the wheel? A couple of us have already done most of the hard work for ease of customization for the default theme.
      For the color options you may want to have a look at the Fourteen Colors plugin by Nick Halsey.

      And for re-styling the site then I have a plugin for that too 🙂 – you can get a copy here: Fourteen Extended.

      Look forward to more interaction and doing more business with you.


  6. I am having a similar problem, I showed a client the tanzanite preview and they loved the layout.
    However when I started to build the site I could not get the main four images to appear? I am no web developer but have learned plenty. Please point me in the right direction. I want the page to look the same as the preview
    less the mission, services and offer tabs/links. Thanks

    • Hello Shawn,

      By the four images I’m assuming you mean the ones sitting right across the top just under the navigation menu bar right?

      If that is the case then those are standard posts with a featured image added to them and tagged with a custom tag of your choice – something like highlight, showcase as a tag will work well. You could also use the “featured” tag but that seems to throw up some issues when Jetpack is active.

      Once you have your posts published with those settings simply navigate to Tanzanite Featured Options, enter the preferred tag, select the layout and number of posts then save – the featured section will now be populated with your set of posts marked with the custom tag.

      Hope that helps but if there’s anything else I can help with please feel free to ask.


      • Shawn

        Yes those are the images, I think I have something screwed up in the settings?? I am a little new at this so I’m not completely sure what I am doing! Can you walk me through the customize the theme page and what settings I should have to make this function work properly? Sorry to sound stupid on this but I am learning as I go. Thanks again Shawn

        • OK, if you have at least 4 posts tagged with say “showcase” and each post has been allocated a featured image then the following are the steps needed to get those posts to appear in a row at the top of the page.

          1) Navigate to Appearance >> Customizer and click on the Tanzanite Featured Content tab.
          2) In the dropdown box marked as “Layout” select Grid as your option.
          3) Bellow that are 2 text boxes – in the one marked as “Number of posts for grid” set the value to 4.
          4) In the “Tag Name” box add the name of your tag – in my example above this would be showcase.
          5) Save and preview site – you should now be able to see the four images on the top of the page.

          A point to note is if you have Jetpack enabled with your chosen tag as “featured” then you may need to revisit the customizer, remove the tag, save and then re-enter the tag and save once more. Refresh the site if the images did not apply in the first pass. Also be sure to have the photon module off on the Jetpack page as this does interfere with the images.

          Let me know how that goes and if there’s anything else I can help with.


  7. I really appreciate your help! I have several concerns and will have more as I go for sure. Here are the current issues,
    I would like to take a custom logo and insert into the top of each page, keeping the social media links where they are but having the logo & company name to the right? Is that possible?
    I am also having an issue with the size of those 4 photos? What are the size recommendations for them,
    Again thanks for your help

    • No problem at all Shawn.

      Issue #1: Currently there’s no support for a site logo but an option can be worked in for a logo in place of the site title. The right side is occupied by tow items i.e. top menus and social icons, adding a third element will distort the aesthetics of the header area.

      Issues #2: The recommended full size images are 1380px by 770px – the theme will adjust this via cropping to the various size required elsewhere. The standard ideal size is set @ 672px by 372by. So to make things a little easier, if you are only ever going to use the grid layout and post thumbnail then the ideal standard size will cover all. But if at some point you’ll be using the slider option then I recommend going with the full size and let the theme handle the sizes for other areas for you.

      Hope that helps.


  8. Thanks again! couple other issues,
    1st. can you recommend a plug in to use for the business name and logo at the top of the page we talked about?
    2. Is there any way to turn off the side bar information i.e. search bar, admin and meta? I would like any text to fill the screen if possible??
    3. If 2 is not possible I want to put a list of clickable logo alliances down the right?


    • Hello Shawn,

      #1: Not sure about that one – do you mean a plugin that would insert a logo for you on the right side? – You could try this plugin: But if you are looking to place the logo in place of the site title then that option is coming up in the next day or so.

      #2: You can replace the widgets on the left sidebar plus add your preferred choice of widgets to the right sidebar by going to Appearance >> Widgets – drag and drop the ones you need in the place you want them and save. You can extend the list of widgets by adding plugins that do what you need – as always I only recommend going with plugins from the repository or a trusted vendor if going for commercial ones.

      You can do pretty much anything with the widget areas and the right plugins 🙂

      Hope that helps.


  9. Again thanks so much for your help,
    As I am trying to replace the white section above the photos, (allstate septic) in this example.
    with a logo, business name and phone number. (custom header?) looking for a good plugin to accomplish this.
    Also I would like to remove the sidebar on the right so the text flows better in the page?
    Is this possible?
    If not I would like to use the right side bar for a list of partners, where I would have each partners logo which would be clickable to their site?
    As always thanks for your help I am really trying to work through this template and use it for future projects.

    • logo, business name and phone number

      1: For the time being the option is to create a graphic logo containing the logo and business name and then use the new option to upload a logo.
      2: For the phone number, I’d suggest using the site description section for now till I can formulate a better solution.
      3: I’ve added a full width page template that can be used for the home page with no sidebar.

      New version has just been uploaded for review and should be available soon – you can get an advance copy here: click on the 1.0.5 link just under the “Current Version” section.

      To showcase partner logos there are plenty of plugins in the repository that can do that – don’t have a specific one to recommend but a quick search for terms like “partner logo widget”, “partner logos” and “logo widget” should bring up a few for selection.


  10. Thanks for the update on the theme that really helped!
    What is the recommeded size for the logo for the site title tagline?
    I hope it can fill the page vs. what I have here
    Also I am looking for a workaround to remove the search bar, archive section and Meta data section shown down the right side? Ideally I would like the text to flow through this area as I stated in prior posts but if that is not possible I can add some clickable images of the companies alliances, but would need some basic instructions on this path. As always thanks your one of the best at responding to issues I really appreciate it. Shawn

    • Hello Shawn,

      You are most welcome.

      What is the recommeded size for the logo for the site title tagline?

      The recommend size would be a max of 360px(w) by 50px(h).

      I hope it can fill the page vs. what I have

      I think what you are looking to achieve there is a site header as opposed to site logo. Currently Tanzanite does not support the inclusion for a site header but I can look in to implementing this option provide it does not break the intended aesthetics of the theme.

      Also I am looking for a workaround to remove the search bar, archive section and Meta data section shown down the right side?

      As the theme design stand the right sidebar is an important part of a site for most users – to accommodate for scenarios where the sidebar is not required we include a full-width template. The best work around to achieve what you are looking for would be to create a child theme for the required modifications. You would then copy over home.php, index.php, page.php and single.php to the child theme, remove the sidebar call and its div and adjust the div of the main content area from “span8” to “span12”.

      Hope that helps in answering your queries but as always, if you need further assistance please feel free to ask.

      Kind regards,

  11. I was able to remove the side bar issue by going to full page width on the page settings but cant find a work around for the Post pages? Any suggestion?
    Also I was able to insert a header but its not really filling the space properly? Maybe I have the wrong size?
    I would also love to remove the text on each page showing the page title like Home, About us etc. above the text of the page?
    Please advise
    As always Thanks for your help, if you prefer I ever contact you direct off the forum let me know

    • Hello Shawn,

      For no sidebar on the blog feed, the easier solution it to create a child theme and copy over the home.php. You’d then remove the sidebar div from the file and change the content span to span 12. Do the same for single.php to remove the sidebar from the single post view pages.

      Header solution would be to move the image holder outsider the div container. Place the following code in header.php just below the body tag like so..
      Header image placment.

      Remember to remove the code you have in nav-top.php.

      To remove the page title: Copy content-page.php to the child theme and remove the following code from the file…
      Page title removal

      Once save that should get rid of the titles for you.

  12. I’m using a nested menu in Tanzanite. When I set a parent page and have child pages indented in the menu hierarchy, an arrow appears to the right of the parent menu at the top of the page, but hovering over or clicking on the item does not reveal the sub menus. What might I be doing wrong?

    • Hello Keithrt,

      Tanzanite uses Bootstrap to control the layout and its javascripts for the menu. This issue would normally happen if there’s a script conflict or a plugin is loading the same script.

      Do you have a bootstrap related plugin related active on your site?

      A link would help debug the issue and facilitate a working solution.


    • There seems to be some code that’s preventing the footer from loading and therefore the scripts required are not being output in to the browser.

      have a look at your widgets and any other code that you may have added through them to be sure that its inserted correctly. To test simply remove all of the widgets by dragging them to the “Inactive Widgets” section at the bottom left of the widget screen. Then test the site and if all’s good add the widgets back one at a time to figure out which one is causing the issue.


  13. That’s probably where I shot myself in the foot. I was tinkering with the footer.php file and I probably screwed something up. Is there any way i can get a replacement file or the code so I can restore the file to the original?

  14. As always I thank you for the help, I have some remaining issues I hope you can help with.
    1. The images on the home page I have as posts as per your directions, I would like to change the order in which they are displayed? And would like if when clicked they directed to a page? Is that possible.
    2. Is it possible to insert an image or color in the background of the overall site? (the white space framing the site? other templates have a color or insert photo option?
    3. I am not sure if you answered this but I want to remove the search bar and archive section.
    (I am no developer and not a code person so the simplest way to walk me through each issue would really help. )
    Thanks again

    • Hello Shawn,

      Q1: (A) In order to change the order of the images as well as them linking to a page instead of a post requires writing a new function – this is an option that I have reserved for the Premium version of the theme due out in 2 weeks.

      Q2: (A) The theme is a full width theme and therefore does not facilitate insertion of a background color/image – in order to facilitate that option there would have to be a significant changes made to the code for it to work right.

      Q3: (A) I had responded to that question in a couple of my earlier replies – to replace what is currently in the sidebar (the defaults) you need to go to Appearance >> Widgets and place your choice of widgets in the allocated sidebar and they will be displayed instead. For the free version its not possible to remove the sidebar on posts and archives pages. I may consider it as an option in the Premium version but not really decided on that.

      Hope that helps.

  15. So frustrated at this point! I cant figure out how to install and activate a child theme.
    I had a working full page site without the archive and search bar, then updated the theme and wham! gone back to the same problem. Using this forum has been both helpful and very frustrating!
    I would like to have a way to contact someone directly to avoid any confusion on my part.
    I am not a web developer and certainly can not write code! Same issues I have had above are continued! Please advise

    • Child themes are installed and activated just like any other theme provided they have the correct identifiers in place.

      Upgrading via the WordPress should not change anything in terms of settings/options. If however you install a child theme or another theme then you’d need to reconfigure your options. For example if you’ve installed a child theme for Tanzanite that is classified as new theme you’d then need to go back to your full width page and reselect the template plus configure other settings.

      I’m always available and open for discussion on commissioning work to me for development. If you’d like to discuss the cost and evaluate your options please feel free to open a ticket here: for private conversation.


  16. nathan

    hi i like your template very much, i would like to change the font of the template, i checked on the css but i can’t find the right css. can you tell me how to do it? thanks

    • Hello Nathan,

      The theme uses the Google font Philosopher and the function code that pulls it in can be found starting at line 286 in functions.php.

      In order to change the font you’d first need to create a child theme, copy and modify the aforementioned function in to your child theme’s functions.php and then apply the font to the various elements via CSS in your style.css.

      Something like the following should cover you for the most elements unless you specifically want to target a particular element on its own…
      textarea {
      font-family: 'Philosopher', sans-serif; // Change Philosopher to your desired font.

      Hope that helps.


  17. Muhammad Zahid Ali

    I love your Tanzanite theme very much i just want to make little bit change, i want to put social media icons in menu bar on right side please help me how can i do this.


    • Salaam Muhammad,

      The theme has a built in social icon option with two locations – the standard is in the header below top menu as see in the demo here:

      You can also enable the sidebar location by checking the box under Appearance >> Customize >> Social Options – this will place the icons in the sidebar too.

      Hope that helps and is what you are looking for.


      • Muhammad Zahid Ali

        السلام عليكم

        Thank you very much for your time and response Sir i want to put the social icons right in blue area of menu on right side not at the edge of the menu in white area please help if there is any div option in php code to put the icons little bit down in blue area of main menu on the right side i shall be very thankful to you for this.

        Thanks and regards

        • Wasalaam,

          OK got you – I thought you meant in the sidebar.

          For your requirements I’ll have to look at the code and see what needs moving plus other adjustments – color will need changing as it will clash with menubar color.

          I’ll post back the code needed or offer you other options once I’ve assessed the code.


          • Muhammad Zahid Ali

            Also looking for the code amendments to put sidebar on left side.

            Thank you!

          • Moving the sidebar to the left is much simpler via a child theme. Copy over home.php, index.php, page.php, single.php and archive.php to the child theme.

            Next locate this code
            < div class = " span4">
            < ? php get_ sidebar(); ?>
            < / div>
            and move it above the first `< div class = " span8" > in each file, save and your are done.


          • Muhammad Zahid Ali


            I hope you are doing well, i am still waiting for the code amendments for social media icons to put them in the menu bar not at the edge of menu bar. I shall be very thankful to your good self for the help in this regard.

            Thanks and regards,
            Muhammad Zahid Ali

          • Wasalaam,

            That will take sometime so please be patient – its not as simple as moving from one div to another, there are other permutation to take into consideration too other wise you’ll end up breaking the theme’s layout. And that will mean more support work!

            As soon as its ready you’ll have it 🙂


  18. Thanks for the last update, it took care of one of my main issues the full width screen.
    I may have asked before but can not understand the answer.
    The four images I have on the home page section, septic tank cleaning, portable toilet rentals, septic system design and pump/alarm repairs.
    I would like them to direct to a specific page when clicked?
    I.E. Septic tank cleaning when clicked would go to the septic tank cleaning page.
    Can you please give me some simple instructions on how to do this? (I tried a child theme but cant get it to show up for some reason, I think that is beyond my capabilities.
    As always thanks for your help

    • Awesome – glad that’s sorted 🙂

      As for the featured posts linking to pages, currently that wouldn’t work as the permalink is auto generated for the specific posts. However, a solution would be to make the featured section pull in the pages instead of posts – that way the links would directly to the page.

      I’ll work this in the next update for the coming week – sorry can’t do it sooner as I’m going to be away for the weekend.


  19. Dear Zulkifar, good day!

    Congratulations for the WordPress theme Tanzanite. I´m brazilian.

    Please, help me with some questions.

    I´m using grid layout in featured content, configured with 4 posts. I will like of delete the categories and keep the titles of posts in the main page, in the bottom of the each image. It´s possible? How make?

    My next problem is the image who is showed when the post is accessed (in the top). I will like of delete too, but keep the image in the list of posts (in the default place – left of the text). It´s possible? How make?

    Thanks a lot and sucess!!!

    • Thank you Rodrigo – much appreciated 🙂 and a good day to you too.

      For the first question you can add the following css code to either a child theme or a custom css plugin.
      .featured-content .entry-meta {
      display: none;

      As for the second question that is definitely a child theme territory as you’ll need to adjust some php code to achieve the the results you are looking for. Can I ask, how comfortable are with code?

      The jist of its you’d move the thumbnail output code from one location to another in content-single.php to basically match that of content-home.php and you should be good to go.

      Hope that helps point you in the right direction and if there’s anything else I can do to help please feel free to ask.


        • Cool.

          One problem detected: big titles are gone (more than four lines). Do you have a solution for this?

          Without seeing the actual site or issue it would be kind of impossible to give a workable solution on this – do you have a live link I can take a look at the code of?

          For the second issues, if you don’t want to display the featured image on the single post the add the following code the same way you did with the previous one…
          .entry-thumbnail img {
          display: none;

          However, if you want to retain the image but put it in the same location as it is on the home page then you’ll need a child theme to move some code around and make some changes to it.


  20. When I shrink the browser window, or view a page on a mobil device, I end up with two mobil menu icons, one on the right end of the menu bar (the rest of which disappears) and one directly above it above the menu bar. The top mobil menu does not work and I’m not sure why it’s there. The mobil menu on the menu bar works fine. What can I do to fix this?

    Also, what font is used in the headers? I’d like to match it as closely as possible in an image graphic in the page header.


    • Hello Keith,

      The theme supports two menu locations both which have a toggle icon for mobile devices – these are set to display on the said devices irrespective of them having a menu located to the location or not. I’ve added a check for the top menu toggle not to show when the location is left empty – an updated version is coming up soon after being reviewed.

      The font used in the theme for the heading is a Google font called “Philosopher”


  21. Zulfikar,

    I’m trying to set up a 1 x 4 grid row beneath the main content on my home page. All of the widgets and showcase sections seem to be designed for blog posts. I don’t have any blog posts. My site is a web site with only static pages set up. In the grid row I envision, I’d like to have a thumbnail photo, a heading, and a one-sentence description, with a link to the referenced page, i.e. News, Volunteer, etc.

    Is there any way to set up a featured page, as opposed to a featured post?

  22. Thanks for the latest up date, however I don’t see how I can have the 4 featured (post images) link to a specific page? Again I want each photo when clicked direct to a different page for each?
    Please advise I am ready to complete this project and review with the client.

  23. I see you had a couple updates and I am not sure if the issue I have was included?
    To recap:
    I have 4 images that were put in as posts on the site that need to link to a page when clicked.
    (see the site images at
    Also I have some spacing issues on the pages? Can you help with instructions on how to space between text or images?
    As always thanks for your help you are very responsive to issues with the template.

    • Hello Shawn,

      Yes, you are now able to feature pages instead of posts – so basically you’d attach the same featured images to the specific pages and then in the Customizer >> Tanzanite Featured Content tab select page in the dropdown box.

      With regards to the spacing as you are using the h3 tag for the content I’d suggest adding the following code using a Custom CSS plugin
      h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {
      line-height: 20px;

      The images will depend on what text type is being used – so if they are with in/around the aforementioned h3 tag the above code should resolve the spacing there too. Other than that if you could link to an example page/post with text & image(s) I can take a look and see what would need adjusting to give you the desired results.


  24. Hi, master.

    Thanks for your last answers. Please, i still have some questions for you: a) How do i make for the layout don´t to modify when the Blog is acessed for a tablet (iPad 4) or smartphone (iPhone 4)? Example: my old Blog remains with same format when acessed for a desktop computer, notebook, tablet or smartphone. The idea is to use the touchscreen to make a zoom in the image (iPad, iPhone, Galaxy); b) I did make a table configured for don´t show border (border=0) and i copied this HTML code in the side bar (widget: text), but showed a blue border?? How make to modify this configuration in the css style? c) Which are the main font colors utilized in the tanzine theme (hexadecimal codes)?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hello Rodrigo,

      You are welcome 🙂

      a) How do i make for the layout don´t to modify when the Blog is acessed for a tablet (iPad 4) or smartphone (iPhone 4)? Example: my old Blog remains with same format when acessed for a desktop computer, notebook, tablet or smartphone. The idea is to use the touchscreen to make a zoom in the image (iPad, iPhone, Galaxy);

      I’m afraid that wont be a straight forward task as Bootstrap is built with mobile devices in mind. You could try visiting the Bootstrap site and see if you can generate a non responsive stylesheet – even then, if you can it will require a lot of tweaking to match it up with the theme’s styles.

      b) I did make a table configured for don´t show border (border=0) and i copied this HTML code in the side bar (widget: text), but showed a blue border?? How make to modify this configuration in the css style?

      This will require some styling in the form of a child theme or via a custom css plugin to be able to override the theme’s styles as simple inline styles won’t work. You may need to add !important to your styles.

      c) Which are the main font colors utilized in the tanzine theme (hexadecimal codes)?

      The main font color is #326fad

      Hope that answers your query.


      • Hi, Zulkifar!

        a) I utilized the plug in “WPtouch” and functioned very well in mobiles.

        b) I created one class. It´s ok.

        c) Ok, thanks!

        Some questions: In the list of posts i will like to show the date of post and the comments (link) related. It´s possible? How to make?

        In the secundary menu version have a bug that don´t allow the correct visualization of the menu. I verified this problem in the navigation with iPad.

        Thanks a lot.

        • Some questions: In the list of posts i will like to show the date of post and the comments (link) related. It´s possible? How to make?

          The omission for these elements was a design decision. However, you can re-introduce theme via a child theme by copying content-home.php and then adding the following code just above < ?php the_excerpt(); ?>
          Code to add (omit the deliberate spaces):
          < ?php if ( 'post' == get_post_type() ) : ?>
          < div class ="entry-meta">
          < ?php tanzanite_posted_on(); ?>

          < ?php endif; ?>

          NOTE: There’s a closing div just before the < ?php endif; ?> – you can view the full code in content.php starting @line 16 to 20.

          In the secundary menu version have a bug that don´t allow the correct visualization of the menu. I verified this problem in the navigation with iPad.

          If you can provide a screenshot it would very much help debug the issue – I do not have access to an iPad to be able to test and replicate the issue.


    • Hello Bil,

      The slider options can be found under Appearance >> Customize >> Tanzanite Featured Options tab

      Make sure that the posts you want to feature are tagged with the desired tag name and have featured images attached to them.


  25. thanks for the last update, I need a couple more issues explained.
    1st the 4 photos that are now linked to pages vs. posts (thanks for that update!)
    I can not figure out how to change the order?
    Also I got your information on spacing the text and images on pages. I am however not good at adding code and would love something a little more simple?
    Would be nice to just hit enter a few times and the space would actually show up on the website.
    Please advise I am at the end of the project and the client is very happy with the site so far.
    as always thanks for your help!

    • Hello Shawn

      Good to hear from you again and glad the project is progressing along well 🙂

      I can not figure out how to change the order?

      On The Appearance >> Customize page under the Tanzanite Featured Content tab is the option to change the order by – due to having multiple options for the content type some of these options only works for certain content types and not others. For pages and from my testing I know that the Title and Menu order options work well plus the comment count option. You’ll need to experiment to see which one works best for you – I would set my menu order in the same order I want the Featured content to appear and use that option.

      As for spacing, could you please refresh my mind? As far as I’m aware while writing posts/pages all you have to is type and hit the carriage return to formulate your paragraphs. Image placement will determine how the text is wrapped around it so again experimenting would be in order to see what works best for your content. If you have a live post/page that highlights the issue please link to it and I’ll see what I can do help.


  26. Thanks for your help as always. I can not make the text separate
    Also on the last wordpress update my images such as the social media icons at the bottom of each page as well as all images within the interior pages. I tried resaving the permalinks but it did not change.

    • How are you entering the content in those pages? Also are you using the Visual or the Text editor for content input?

      On the About Us page’s source code I’m seeing id="yui_3_13_0_1_1382959158106_5905" which is not part of the theme’s elements!


  27. Everything worked fine until the last WP update. Please advise how I can fix this issue. I added everything under the visual tab and never messed with any coding.

  28. Good day, I am having a couple issues as I try to complete this website.
    Text color for some reason on some of the pages can not be changed?
    When I change it to black and update it reverts back to this color?? Not all of the pages are like this only a few.
    Also spacing and text layout has been a huge issue for me in this platform. What you see in the editing platform of wordpress is not what you get on the pages. We have spacing issues, text layout issues and on some computers it displays very differently than others. You would think that writing, spacing and the color of text would be a simple process but it is not. Suggestions that do not have me trying to write code??
    Thanks I am almost done here and look forward to your suggestions.

    • Hello Shawn,

      Text color for some reason on some of the pages can not be changed?

      You should be able to change any text’s color via the editor.

      The problem I’m seeing on your site when I view the code is that there’s a lot of inline styling and some div elements which are not native to the theme – these may well interfere with the changes you wish to make depending on how they are being made.

      Can I ask how are you inserting the content in the editor? And which text are you having issue with changing the color on?


  29. If you look at the home page then the septic cleaning page and some others you can see the text is dark grey vs. black
    When I change it in the editor and preview it is fine, when I click update is gos back to the original color?

    I did cut and past this text from another page?
    Also the spacing is an issue, I tried to us a – in white to make more spaces where the editor would not.
    What I see in the editor is not always what I get in the end?
    Thanks for your help any suggestions would be great

    • I did cut and past this text from another page?

      That may well be the issue as any inline styling is given a higher priority than the original styling from the theme’s CSS files.

      Have a look at the content via the text tab on the editor screen and you’ll spot the carry over inline styles I mentioned earlier. I’d suggest stripping them out and then switch back to the visual editor and add in your own styling – more often than not, that should resolve most if not all of the issues you are facing.


  30. Hello Zulf

    I am building a new site using the same format from
    for some reason I can not get the page images, tagged highlight to appear?
    I checked the settings in allstateseptic and compared to the new site burnzysauto and they are the same
    however the images are not showing up?????

  31. My client is asking if a background image can be added or if we can change the background color?
    I notice other templates have this feature under the appearance section (customize)
    Do you have any plans in the near future making this part of the tanzanite theme?
    As always thanks for your help

    • Currently the theme is set to be a full screen width and therefore the background image/color would not be visible. I’ll take a look at refining the options to see if we can accommodate the option as long as it does not change the theme design too much.


  32. Hi Zulfikar,

    Love the functionality.

    On the screenshot near the top of this page, you have a home page archive of posts with the featured image left, an excerpt, and a read more button. Simple, great.

    Question is, how can I get the search and category indexes to look the same?

    I tried copying the content-home.php elements to search.php and archive.php, but it got complicated fast.

    Any easy solutions?


  33. Greetings

    I would like to remove the featured image from the post.

    Also would like to remove the message at the top of the posts which says the date it was posted and by whom.

    Many thanks

  34. Alex

    Page Showcase Images on Front Page

    My image circles are not clickable; can you let me know how and where to make them clickable to the appropriate Page please?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Hello Brad,

      The theme contains all of the code for the elements seen on the front page as in the preview – however it does not contain the content, you will need your own content and some option settings done.

      The options are all straight forward by way of either drag and drop a widget in place or selection and check box setup.


  35. SardiniaYogi

    2 Questions about the homepage:

    1.I want to have the page content before the Page Showcase Widgets on the homepage, how can I achieve that?

    2. My image circles are not clickable; can you let me know how and where to make them Link to the appropriate Page please?


    • For both questions you’ll need to create a child theme in order to edit the appropriate files as required.

      This will depend on your PHP/CSS coding level.

      Having said that, I might have a look at the second question and see if I can add the option to make the image clickable – will do this as soon as I can allocate some free time for updates.


    • Hello April,

      Currently there are no options for adding custom text to the footer but it shouldn’t to hard to add the option in via a child theme. However, to achieve this would require some knowledge of PHP and CSS coding.

      I may be able to put together a child theme if you let me know what kind of text and how you want it to sit i.e position and width – if you can point to an example it will make it much simpler to see what is needed.


  36. Randona

    The featured content slider only appears in the customize appearance tab but does not show up on the actual page. I have made sure that it is enabled and that posts are selected etc. It looks great in the preview but I am just not getting it on the site.

    • Hello Randona,

      The slider is working fine on my installs and I’m therefore unable to replicate the issue.

      You may need to clear your browser cookies and/or cache to see if that helps – you could also try to change the settings i.e. the tag to something like “none”, save and exit the customizer then go back in and reset the settings, this process will force WordPress to clear the transients and get things going again.


  37. Yoni


    i cant find the colorcode to change the color of name of the pages of the primairy menu.
    The moment you get on it with your mouse.
    it’s blue at the moment.
    And i don’t want the “recepten menu” to be highlighted.
    Can you please help me?
    My website is


    Best Regards,


    • Hello Yoni,

      The menu code is pretty big so you may want to try the following (some of it you may already have resolved)
      .top-menu .nav > .dropdown-toggle,
      .top-menu .nav > .dropdown-toggle,
      .top-menu .nav > .dropdown-toggle,
      .navbar-inverse .nav > .dropdown-toggle,
      .navbar-inverse .nav > .dropdown-toggle,
      .navbar-inverse .nav > .dropdown-toggle {
      background-color: #A0FA98;
      color: #FFF;

      .top-menu .nav > .dropdown-toggle:hover,
      .top-menu .nav > .dropdown-toggle:hover,
      .top-menu .nav > .dropdown-toggle:hover,
      .navbar-inverse .nav > .dropdown-toggle:hover,
      .navbar-inverse .nav > .dropdown-toggle:hover,
      .navbar-inverse .nav > .dropdown-toggle:hover {
      background-color: #A0FA98;

      .top-menu .nav > .dropdown-toggle:focus,
      .top-menu .nav > .dropdown-toggle:focus,
      .top-menu .nav > .dropdown-toggle:focus,
      .navbar-inverse .nav > .dropdown-toggle:focus,
      .navbar-inverse .nav > .dropdown-toggle:focus,
      .navbar-inverse .nav > .dropdown-toggle:focus {
      background-color: #A0FA98;

      .navbar-inverse .nav-collapse .nav > li > a:hover,
      .navbar-inverse .nav-collapse .nav > li > a:focus,
      .navbar-inverse .nav-collapse .dropdown-menu a:hover,
      .navbar-inverse .nav-collapse .dropdown-menu a:focus {
      background-color: #A0FA98;

      .dropdown-menu > li > a:hover,
      .dropdown-menu > li > a:focus,
      .dropdown-submenu:hover > a,
      .dropdown-submenu:focus > a {
      background-color: #A0FA98;
      background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom, #A0FA98, #A0FA98);

      .navbar-inverse .nav-collapse .dropdown-menu a {
      color: #fff;
      background-color: #3CB54A;

      I’ve tried to match your colors but you can edit them as you please.


  38. Miriam


    I am currently working on your theme and would like to have pages with featured images. i tried to solve it over a child theme with the child theme configurator, but that didn’t work. Do you have any ideas how to show featured images in pages?

    Kind regards