Sincere apologies for the delay in announcing this one – unfortunately health had to come first and work secondary. Trying to get back up to speed now 🙂

So here goes – another brand new Strap Coded theme for you all to enjoy: Announcing StrapVert (Vert being Green in French). The best part is that it’s 100% with quailty features you have come to love from us. We wanted to include a drag and drop builder but that was outside the scoop of our budget. We recommend checking out this collection of templates at an affordable price.

StrapVert is a clean modern and elegant theme for the discerning designer/artist/photographer come magazine or business oriented websites. It comes spruced with just about enough features without the clutter of complicated setup/options to worry about – works out of the box with minimal configuration.

The main focal point is the Featured Content section at the top of the home page which runs off Sticky posts as its main feed and comes with (new version: 1.0.2) options to turn it off completely or just the section you don’t to show, a couple of check boxes is all it takes to configure the Featured section.

The theme was uploaded to WordPress over the weekend, approved and is now live at – do check it out and let us know what you think as we love and appreciate all feedback.


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  1. Site Admin

    Hello Chris,

    Sorry to hear about that. It sounds as though there’s a plugin conflict with the theme.

    If I may ask you to submit a ticket here so that I can test and fix the bug – I’d really appreciate that.


  2. Having downloaded strapvert I get the following error message when attempting to “Live Preview”.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in ………………………../strapvert-customizer.php on line 83

    • Site Admin

      Hello Peter,

      That error means your server is running on PHP version 5.2 or below while the theme uses a lot of PHP version 5.3 functionality.

      For the time being we are disabling that function until most hosting providers come to speed with the new version of PHP – a revised version(1.0.5) has been approved and should be showing up on the theme’s page soon. But if you’d like to grab a copy before then you can get one here: – just be sure to click on the 1.0.5 link under the “Current Version” section


    • Site Admin

      Hello Monica,

      Glad you love the theme 🙂

      Unfortunately at the moment none of the icon fonts systems we use in our themes have an icon for that site yet – but as soon as they do we’ll be sure to work it in the theme.

      In the meantime I’ll look in to maybe getting a graphic based icon (if I can find one) integrated as a workaround. Will update the theme as soon as that is done.


    • Site Admin

      Hello Bas,

      The site does look great indeed and thank you for the appreciation and using our theme.

      Yes the theme is translation ready if want you to do it that way you can change almost every public facing words in to your language. If however you want to change just the Read More then the file you want is the content.php @line 23.

      I’ll look in to adding an option in the next revision so that you can change it from the options panel rather than have to edit the files.


  3. Hi ! Just installed the theme. Can I get some help with this ? I tried to change the background picture that goes in the header but it just displays partially. Can I get assistance in changing the settings so that it displays propertly ? What is the default size for this background image in the header ?

    THanks !

    • Zulfikar Nore

      Hello Fabrice,

      Currently the theme does not support a header background image – it only has support for a logo and body background image/color.

      The logo can be any size up to 450px wide and any height but the recommended size 260px by 60px for best results (as in the example logo included).

      Is it the logo or the background image you need assistance with?


    • Zulfikar Nore

      I see what you mean. No, that ulploader is for the background image which would cover the entire background of the page.

      The best way to get a header image in would be to create a child theme and add in the custom header functionality.

    • Zulfikar Nore

      As stated above – this also would also require a child theme so that you can edit the CSS color scheme to match your requirements.

      How comfortable are you with PHP and CSS coding? And are you familiar with the WordPress child theme concept?

  4. Love the theme!!! Great job! One question, I think I broke something or something is not enabled. I am missing the headline from my main page. You have to click the read more in order to see the subject/title. Is this something easy to fix?

    • Zulfikar Nore

      Hello Steve,
      Glad you love the theme and thanks for the appreciation.

      As the post has a title it should show up automatically and you don’t need to enable anything – so I’m going to have a guess and say it could be a plugin conflict. Could I ask you disable the plugins you have active and see if that helps?


    • Zulfikar Nore

      You are most welcome.

      I’ve just uploaded version 1.1.1 to which includes the option to switch the sidebar from right to left. I hope that is what you were looking for. (The new version is subject to a review and approval – if you want to get an advance copy then its available here: ).

      However, if you are asking about adding an extra left sidebar in addition to the right sidebar then that option is coming up on the Pro version. For the free version you’ll need to create a child theme and make the required modifications – I’d recommend joining the club and take advantage of a whole lot more features with our pro versions of the themes.

      • Thanks for reply. Some suggestion please.

        If a post have image, its should be shown as thumbnail at home without any plugin “people don’t like to use so many plugin’s”

        Option to increase / decrease excerpts limit on homepage

        An Option of add menu at top currently we have only one.

        • Zulfikar Nore

          No problem at all and thank you for the suggestions.

          If a post have image, its should be shown as thumbnail at home without any plugin “people don’t like to use so many plugin’s” – unfortunately not everyone want to show thumbnails with their posts and most people don’t like being forced to show one from within their post. The set featured image API is there specifically for that purpose (you do not require a plugin for that) and is the preferred method by WordPress Review standards.

          We can certainly accommodate those requirements/suggestions in the pro/plus version and will be doing that shortly.

          Option to increase / decrease excerpts limit on homepage – Again this is being worked in the pro/plus version

          An Option of add menu at top currently we have only one. – this was a design choice and we are inclined to leave the option to add more to child themes which can be facilitated to premium members.

          You are free to create your own child theme and add any or all of the above for your use – premium members can request child themes with additional features within the member’s area.

    • Zulfikar Nore

      Hello Katja,

      Thank you for using StrapVert and the love is much appreciated 🙂

      The navigation menu needs to be added to the theme’s location which you can do in two ways…
      1) If you already have a menu set up simply navigate to the theme’s Customizer screen and under the navigation section select the menu in the dropdown box.
      2) If however you don’t have a menu set setup yet, navigate to Appearance >> Menus and create one then add the menu items you want to appear in the navigation and save. After saving you’ll notice a check box appear at the bottom of your menu list that reads “Primary Menu” under the section marked as “Theme locations”. Simply check this box and save.

      With either of the two methods above done you should see your navigation menu appear on the site.


    • Zulfikar Nore

      Hello Emanuel,

      Thank you for using StrapVert and for the love – makes the effort in creating all worth while knowing that the work is appreciated.

      Can you clarify as to how are the entries marked in the Post Edit screen please? If they are marked as sticky then they are automatically pulled in to the available Featured content slot and are aligned in a row – the secondary section will always align sticky posts in a row of 4.

      Post not marked as sticky are pulled in to the blog feed and these will always be displayed in columns. In the demo/screenshot we have a single Featured at the top, 4 secondary featured and the rest as standard posts.

      A response to the above question will help clarify the issue and to find resolution.


  5. trying to get a child theme going with strapvert. i’ve done it many times before but for some reason i’m failing to get the child theme’s css folder and style.css to take over. usually it’s crazy simple. any suggestions or a simple note of what’s different considering all of the css files are really within the css folder and not in the style.css file in the theme root?

    • Zulfikar Nore

      Hello Colby,
      Will most of our themes we already include the function to load the child theme’s stylesheet automatically. This is done so that you do not have to use the @import property to get your child theme to work.

      Please see this FAQ for more details and an example child theme you can download to start your project off.

      Let me if there’s anything else I can help with.


    • Zulfikar Nore

      That’s because you are using the Easy Bootstrap Shortcode plugin which loads a different version of Bootstrap. Even if it was the same version you’ll still have issues by loading the javascript and css twice.

      Go in to the EBS Settings page and select the second dial check for both bootstrap.js and bootstrap.css to use the themes files instead an that will solve your problem.


  6. Hey,

    Great theme firstly, It’s surprisingly powerful 🙂
    I do however wonder how to change the color of my menu… Momentarily it’s black but I’d rather have it blue. And strangely enough it was blue :/
    Do you know how I could make it blue again?

    Thanks a bunch

    • Zulfikar Nore

      Hey Marc,

      Thanks for the compliments and for using StrapVert 🙂

      Great question and an important one too. We’ve made the theme to be highly extensible and adaptable to meet many needs – the best way to do this is via a child theme and making as many or few changes to the underlying code (mainly CSS). Please take a look at the starter base child theme we have here: to see how you can implement some of the changes you need – feel free to use and abuse it as much as you want and let us know how it goes.

      Looking for an alternative option where no coding is involved? The premium version lets you change many of the elements color scheme via a color picker plus many other features and options 🙂


        • Zulfikar Nore

          lol, one has to be my friend – its a tough world we live in today 🙂

          Do let us know how it goes and if you can share a link please do so we can see the results. Hopefully in the near feature will put a portfolio together of sites using WP Strap Code themes and highlight the ones that have further customized their version.

          Keep in touch and let us have any feedback that will help improve the theme.


  7. Carl

    Good job with this theme. Loads pretty fast.
    One question: On the “Featured Content Order By” menu.
    Is there a way for me to choose which one I want to featured instead of going by oldest or newest. I tried the “Random Sticky Post” and it is pretty random. So yes, how can I choose my own featured post.

    Thanks heaps,

    • Zulfikar Nore

      Gday Carl, thanks for the compliments and for using StrapVert.

      Currently all of the selection i.e random, by newest, oldest and so on is governed by core WordPress function – the function would return content as per setting of the available options which are:
      No Order
      Title Menu Order
      Order By Post Name
      Order By Date
      Order By Author
      Most Popular – by comment count

      All of the above are incorporated in the Pro version except for the option you are looking for. Will have to look in to the possibility of using post IDs but this will involve re-writing the entire feature content code so it will take sometime before we can include it in the theme.

      Let me see how much code is involved and how can best incorporate the option in the theme – will post back soon with feedback.


  8. Hi Zulf,

    I’m enjoying your theme and WP basics…question: how do I change the headline color from “vert?” I *think* I successfully uploaded your sample child-theme file–but I don’t see an obvious tag to change. Thanks much,

    • Zulfikar Nore

      Hello Mark,

      Cool 🙂

      The sample child theme provided I believe has the color set to black right? If that’s the one then you can change and add your own colors to the various elements via the style.css in the child theme.

      Be sure to have the child theme as the active theme and not StrapVert itself – you should then be able to see the changes you make take effect.

      Hopefully that helps but feel free to inquire more if you still need assistance.


  9. Hi Zulfikar,

    Thank you for the beautiful StrapVert theme! It’s fresh, clean and aesthetically pleasing.

    Can you help me with a concern? I am trying to customize my post (blog) page so that it shows posts in ascending date order and has featured posts with thumbnails. How can I do this with the current theme without resorting to plugins? I want to keep my frontpage static, but have my blog page look like the screenshot at the top of your page here. Thank you!

    • Hello Mario,

      StrapVert uses the “sans-serif” font which is pulled in from Google via @import found in css/style.css @line1.

      In your child theme you’d do something similar with your preferred choice of font and then apply it to the elements you want similar to an example @line 91 in the same file.

      That is the easier way to do it – but if you are adventurous then you can run multiple function calls to a number of fonts via functions.php and then apply them where you want.

      Having said that, a simpler option is to use a Google font plugin.

      Hope that helps.

  10. Michaël

    Hi and best wishes for the new year from France !

    After looking for a free theme during two weeks, I really enjoy to find StrapVert. It is beautiful so congrats !

    But I have a problem, which is I think the same that Fabrice few months ago but I’m not sure. I would like to have a picture as wide as the menu bar instead of only half when I download one in the logo option.
    Here is my website :
    How can I get it ? I’m not very good in manipulation of code, I just discover WP.

    Sorry for my english. Thank you in advance.

    • Hello Michael – Likewise from the UK 🙂

      Thank you for the kind words and welcome to the WP Strap Code community.

      I see what you are trying to achieve and to be honest with you, I should have taken care of this a while back. Give me a couple of days and I’ll get a child theme that supports the inclusion a full width header up for download as soon as possible.

      Will post back as soon as its done for you.


  11. Michaël

    No probs with that. I am already really pleased to have an answer as fast as that.

    Thank you for your time. I enjoy it. And congrats again for your work on this theme, I love it ! ^^

    See you.

      • Michaël

        Hi Zulfikar,

        Thank you so much ! It has been faster than I expect !
        I’m very happy using your theme and it will be perfect when I could change the size of the “logo” picture in the header with the update.

        See you.

  12. Jan Kout


    could you tell me where I can finde the section you described above.

    “As for more than one row, yes that is possible with the current configuration. If you navigate to the Customizer under the section marked as “Front Page Content Options” you’ll see a text box marked “Number of Featured posts i.e 9, 13, 17″. The default is currently set to 5 – that’s 1 main and 4 secondary featured posts.”

    Best wishes, Jan

    • Jan Kout

      I would like to get more articles (more then 5) into the section “Front Page Content Options”. Where can I change it?

    • Hello Jan,

      The described section is located in the Admin dashboard via the Appearance >> Customize link. Once the page opens click on the “Front Page Content Options” tab to expand it then scroll a little down and you’ll see a section marked “Number of Featured posts i.e 9, 13, 17”.

      Below that is a text box with the figure 5 (default value) – simply click in that box and change the figure to your desired number of posts and then save. This action will now set the number of featured posts to the required amount on the front end.

      Hope that helps but if you need further assistance please feel free to ask.


  13. Michaël

    Hi Zulkifar,

    I’m still happy with your theme. It is perfectly suited to what I wanted. Especially with version 1.2.3
    I still have only 2 things to change so that everything is complete but I do not.
    1. How to hide the line “bookmark the permalink” under a post?
    2. How to translate in French the word “featured” on the banner on main featured post?

    Thank you so much.

  14. Hey the strapvert theme is great I’ve only had trouble with one thing how can i change the color of the read more button. I would have guessed it was an image but i cant find it referred to anywhere so could you tell me how to change that? thanks

    • Hello Luke,

      Thanks for using StrapVert and glad to hear its meeting your needs.

      No images are used in the construction of the theme other than the header or background. The theme runs on Bootstrap and all the relevant code can be found in the CSS folder – for the read more button colors you’d be looking for .btn-success in bootstrap.css or alternatively to use the in-built buttons you’d be looking to change btn-success to say btn-warning or btn-primary in the file content.php.

      Hope that helps,

  15. Hello!

    Recently I started a website and I installed the theme StrapVert. Great theme! I am still testing and working on the lay-out. And I have a question about the tags on the homepage.

    I combine the top featured section with a blog feed. But I would like to remove the tags which are shown in the blog feed on the home page (only the category is sufficient). Is that possible? And how?

    I downloaded StrapVert Child Theme III to make some changes in the lay out.

  16. Hello,

    Recently I started a website. I chose for the Strapvert Theme. Great theme!

    I have a question about the visibility of the tags. I combined the featured blog post with the blog feed. The blog feed shows the tags on the homepage. Is it possible to hide these tags on the homepage?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Loren

      I would also like to know how to hide the tags on the homepage.

      I also want to know how to hide the social media share icons.

      • Hi Loren,

        The theme does not output the post tags on the front/blog index page – did you mean the post meta i.e category, post date and author? If so the the following CSS code placed in a custom CSS plugin or child theme if using one should do the trick.
        div.entry-meta {
        display: none;


  17. Barry Wood


    Love the theme, however im pulling my hair out over two things. I am using a child theme, but cant do the two things below.

    1) I have a set a static page, but for the life of me I cant find the .PHP file that will allow me to swap the blog and static page so they display the other way around, static page first, blog at bottom.

    2) When I make a post and write in an excerpt the blogs dont display the excerpt.

    Hopefully you can guide me in the right direction 🙂


    • Hello Barry,

      1) I have a set a static page, but for the life of me I cant find the .PHP file that will allow me to swap the blog and static page so they display the other way around, static page first, blog at bottom.

      To get the static page content and the blog posts feed showing up at the same time would require an extensive knowledge on the WP_Query(); function works and then using to code a special template for your purpose.

      2) When I make a post and write in an excerpt the blogs dont display the excerpt.

      The theme isn’t designed with a conditional check for a custom excerpt as it as it uses the_excerpt(); which then genenrates the excerpt from the main content.