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Rendition is a clean and elegant theme ideal for Business, Designers and Pro Bloggers websites. It has a unique blog feed grid layout, support for JetPack’s new portfolio post type and with related posts for both single post and portfolio view.

In addition, Rendition comes packed with pre-built header tabs, Service boxes and a call to action sections ready for your custom front page content. Take a look at the screenshot below for a first-hand view of the theme:

Rendition WordPress theme

Rendition has been submitted to and is currently awaiting review and approval into the repository –

We have built this theme with magazine websites and communities in mind. So you can encourage meaningful discussion with the help of BuddyPress or similar plugins.


In the meantime, to download the theme please go to: Download Rendition advance copy.


  1. Elodie

    Hi! Great theme. Just a quick question as I haven’t found any documentation regarding the use of this template.

    I’d like to upload a logo to the header Instead of having text there. How do I do that?

    I’d also like to change the tabs to add my own images in the circles, and haven’t figured out how to do so yet.

    If you could help me out that would be great.


    • Hello Elodie,

      Documentations are still a work in progress as I’m working on redisingning and restructuring the site.

      Logo option is currently not available but will look in to implementing the option in the next update as soon as I can. As for the tabs, the run off the images generated by the Font Awesome icon set – you can grab an icon name from this cheatsheet. I’ll add a direct link on the options page in the next update.

      Hope that helps but if there’s anything else please feel free to let me know.


  2. Mellisa

    Hi Zulf,

    Great theme. well done.
    I have a question, I want to be able to change the homepage color blue. Can I change it somewhere. At the customize i see only two color change the header and background.

    I will be happy i can change the color.


    • Hello Mellisa,

      Thank you and welcome to WP Strap Code.

      Currently the changing of colors is only possible via a child theme or the use of a custom css plugin. I’ve not released any child themes for Rendition as yet but will do as soon as I can.


  3. Phil

    Hi there,

    I am trying to find out what options I have to change the icons in the Rendition Service options (The Service1 Icon name..etc).

    For example the ‘thumbs-o-up’ produces a thumbs up icon. What I would like to know is if there is a list of options that I can change in there so that the icon changes.

    Look forward to hearing from you



    • Hello Phil,

      Welcome to WP Strap Code.

      The field where you have the ‘thumbs-o-up’ is the changeable option – you can overrite that field with the icon name of your choice. I’ve just uploaded a new version to for review – I’ve added a note and link to the icon’s cheatsheet where you can grab the name of the desired icon and paste it in that field.

      Hope that helps point you in the right direction but do feel free to ask some more if the need be.


  4. Chris

    I feel like I’ve got a handle on how to make changes, etc., but when I make changes and click on the Save button, my changes appear – but the it reverts to the original. This includes buttons and text.

    Also, on the Contact Telephone, when I add it it shows up on the page as: http://XXX-XXX-XXXX

    • Hello Chris,

      Not sure why the options reverts to the default values as I’ve not come across the issue on my side. Could it be a plugin conflict? Could you check on that and advise if it resolve the issue or not. If not, any further information you can provide would of great help in tracking the bug and getting a fix for it.

      As for the http before the phone numbers, that was a bug and has been fixed in the latest version awaiting review – you can grab a copy here: by clicking on the version number under the “Current Version” section.


    • Hello Tim,

      To change the color of the icon background you’ll need to add the following CSS rules to either yor child theme if using one or via the usof a custom css plugin.
      .box > .icon > .image {
      border-color: #20a805;
      background-color: #168ccc;


  5. Keith

    Hello. I love the theme. I am new to building a website. I cannot get a comment box to add to my website. I’d like it added when you click on a post at the bottom of the first page and/or when you click on “your thoughts are valued” at the top. My site is
    I’ve asked WordPress and Bluehost and I have tried their suggestions of pasting the text in editor. It’s not working. Please help…. Thank you.

    • Hello Keith,

      It sounds as though you do not have the comments turned on.

      First of all, go to Settings >> Discussion and make sure that the 3rd check box marked “Allow people to post comments on new articles” is checked.

      Next go to any of your posts and make sure that the check box marked – is also checked. If you do not see this box then on the same page click on the “Screen Options” at the top of the page. Once expanded make sure that the Discussion check box is checked.

      Hopefully that should get your comment form showing on posts.


      • Keith

        Thank you for your quick response Zulf. Check box on allow comments is on and was on. Check box marked – I couldn’t find. But I checked in screen options and checked discussion. Still no comment boxes on my site. Next suggestion please and thank you?

  6. Thomas

    Hi, this theme is one of my favs 😉 – really great!

    I want to use the Tabs Options not only on the home side – I want to use this on all other sides. Do have a tip fpr me, how to realise this?


    Regards Tom

    • Hello Tom,

      That is possible via a child theme and by removing the conditional is_front_page() check from header.php located in the child theme itself.

      Due to push out an update on the theme in the next day or two – if you’d like to hold on I’ll try and work in an option for the same without the need for any edits 🙂


  7. anatoliy

    When i push on the rendition tab corresponding page does not open, it opens only when i push on the tab appearing below (with padlock). What should i do to avoid the second pushing?

    • Hello Anatoliy,

      The tabs are designed just as that, tabs with custom content. They are not meant to link to any specific content other than expose what content you have put in them. The padlock button is an optional setting for to link to anywhere on the Web or an internal page of your choice.

      If you however you want to have the tabs link directly to a page/post just like a menu item would then that would require some understanding of how to set up a child theme and knowledge of PHP in order to do the edits.

      Hope that makes sense.


  8. Laurence

    Such an easy theme to work with, thank you for this, you have saved me hell. Well, it would be if I had to do this myself. If you do not mind me asking probably a silly question please. On the Home page I have welcome to my site followed by TM and a heart symbol. Can this be removed? Also I have the phrase “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet…” how do I remove this please. I am sure it is somewhere but I am lost, sorry to ask.

    Thanks again


    • Hello Lawrence,

      Welcome to WP Strap Code and thank you for using Rendition.

      Sure, you can change any of the content on any of the front page sections by visiting the Appearance >> Customizer section. By entering your own Titles and content will replace the default placeholders with the new.

      Hope that helps.


  9. Alex Vescovi

    Very great and interesting theme! I build up my site and I have a couple of questions:

    1) such as changing the color of services options when I hover on it
    2) such as changing the color of the theme…from original gray to another color
    3) insert the favicon
    4) what is the others name icon for the services option
    5) which one is the css? is in the root folder style.css or assets/css/?

    Thanks for this beautiful theme and for the answer.

    Best Regards,

  10. Miguel Forte

    First of all, your themes look amazing, man. Good job.
    I have a question. I have been trying to change the color of the subtitle to red but it always returns to being white after I leave the customization menu. Sometimes even sooner. It would be really nice if it was permanentely red. What can I do to solve this?

    • Cheers Miguel, makes my efforts a little more satisfying knowing that the themes are well received in the community 🙂

      As for the issue you are facing, that was abug with the theme’s custom header coding. This has now been fixed and a revised version uploaded for review – should be appearing in the dashboard as an update soon.

      If you’d like to grab a copy before then its available here: – just click on the version #1.0.9 to download it.


  11. Allo Babi

    how i want customise the home page for delete the icon contact and add other Such as icon downlad and url.
    please help me .
    thank you

    • Hello,

      If you are looking to remove and replace the contact section then you’ll need to create a child theme and recode the relevant section – all these will depend on you knowledge of CSS/PHP and how child themes work.

      If however you are only looking to change the details within the section then you can do so via the theme customizer under the Rendition Tabs Options tab.


  12. Rupert

    Hello Zulfikar,
    Thank you for this very elegant WordPress theme!

    How it is possible via a child theme to also insert Rendition Service Options and/or CTA Options also on pages and single posts alternatively ?
    Thanks a lot!


    • Hello Rupert,

      You are most welcome.

      To achieve your goal, copy over header.php to your child theme and then proceed to edit it as follow:
      1) Remove the codes @lines 23 & 56 (just those two lines) – this will make the main header visible on all pages and posts.
      2) Remove all of the code from line 57 to 59 – this will stop the inner header from appearing on internal pages and posts.

      With those edits in place you should be good.


  13. Lindeni

    Hello There

    Thank you for the wonderful theme, I really appreciate your beautiful design. I have been using this theme on a website I have built, the theme has been wonderful since I installed it I think around 16th december 2014, it was working perfect, now I have one problem: The sub menu on the primary menu does not work but it was working before, I don’t know what I am missing – but I haven’t changed anything from the admin, it just stopped working. When I click on the menu item that has a sub menu only a ‘#’ appears in the address bar but no sub menu appears.

    Please advise me on what to do. Thank you

  14. Keith

    Hello Zulf!


    What do you recommend as far as a plug-in or a paid service to convert my rendition site into a mobile friendly site?

    Thank you,

    • Hello Keith,

      Welcome back 🙂

      I’ve had a look at the site via my mobile devices and it seems to function correctly as this is one of Bootstrap’s attribute.

      Is there a specific reason for needing a mobile plugin? Not done much with them myself but I can do some research and test a few if you still need my recommendation 🙂


  15. Ayana

    Hello Zulf,

    Absolutely phenomenal theme! One of the best I’ve seen! So easy to use I had my site up in a couple of hours, how creative and thanks so much for making it available to us.

    I am having problems with creating a hierarchy in my Header Menu. I am able to put several pages on each menu category; but I am unable to put pages (create a third level). When I’m in the Menu Structure I can see the hierarchy sub-items and their sub-item structures and it is correct. But my sub-items don’t show on my website when I scroll over them. Can you help?

    Also, how do I get rid of the:

    “Proudly Powered By WordPress | Theme Rendition By WP Strap Code”

    At the bottom of the page.



    • Hi Ayana,

      Thank you for the compliments and for using Rendition, glad to hear it meets your requirements.

      Unfortunately that is the nature of Bootstrap, being a mobile first framework it does not support hierarchy menus below 1 level depth. In the past we’ve had to use 3rd part scripts to get this option back for WordPress sites but they currently do not play well with the latest version of Bootstrap. See line 82 of the readme.txt file in the theme.

      Having said that, it is something I’m actively researching in order to overcome the limitation and will aim to implement a solution as soon as I find one that works well.

      As for the footer credits, you can copy over the footer.php in to a chidl theme and then edit lines 8 and 10 as required.

      Hope that helps,

  16. Orestes

    Hi there,

    I absolutely love the theme! I am new to all of this and am creating my first website and your theme is absolutely amazing! I just had one query, how would I go about replacing the contact detail icons on Tab4 to make it like the others with a button?

    Many thanks,

    • Hello Orestes,

      The best option would be to use a child theme, copy the required files from the parent theme – in this case you’d copy header-tabs.php and paste it in a folder named parts within your child theme.

      Edits on the header-tabs.php itself is straight forward by referencing the sections responding to the other tabs and doing the same for the contact tab. However, the customization maybe somewhat a little challenging as you would not copy the corresponding file but will have to create your own function for it.

      Before I start giving out code snippets and confusing you, I’d like to know how comfortable are with editing PHP and possibly the corresponding CSS code?


      • Orestes

        Hi Zulf,

        Thank you very much for your quick response and for your help, I really appreciate it!

        So though I am not a programmer at all, I stayed up late last night to try and learn a bit of code and, with brief help from a friend who knows a lot more about it than me, I managed to do it! But I have encountered another slight issue as (only) one of the tab icons I have inserted does not appear when I visit the website on Firefox? Yet all the other icons do and then on any other internet browser it does show up.


        • That’s awesome going Orestes, love it when users take initiative to learn some code and undertake some customization of their own.

          Would you like to send me a copy of your theme edits so that I can take a close look and hopefully see if I can spot the bug? Also a link to the site if possible would be of help.

          If so please use the form @ to initiate the contact. I’ll then respond and you can follow up by attaching the zipg file to the email.


  17. omar

    I’m just starting exploring this theme, looks cool.
    I only have one problem: I’d like to change the rendition tabs in order to have the tab 4 (contacts) as the first one.
    Is there a way to change tab orders?

    • Hello Omar,

      Glad you like the theme and it meets your requirements.

      To change the tabs you can copy the file header-tabs.php over to your child theme making sure to place it a folder named “parts”
      Once you have done that you can proceed to switch the tabs around as desired – you would cut the code from line 101 to 115 and paste it just below line 50 to make it the first tab.

      You can switch any of the tabs in the same manner.


  18. omar

    Your theme is almost perfect for my
    needs, i have to solve only two things:
    1-is possible to have rendition tabs in all page instead than in home only?
    2-is possible to reduce the “gap” between tabs for lowest resolution? In iphone 3 first and last tabs goes over the screen. Tried with padding in css with no ssuccess, they move all to left but distance between each other remains the same. Tried ti reduce them too but spacing remains a issue.


  19. Peter Machell

    Hi Zulf, thank you so much for Rendition. It’s as close as I’ve found to what I need for a site.

    I’m comfortable with PHP and CSS but find the amount of CSS in Bootstrap overwhelming.

    I would like to move the text section of a page so that it overlays the large image. The section is in style container-fluid specifically I’d like to move entry-header and entry-content .

    Zulf are you available to assist with sites on a paid basis?

    kind regards,

  20. Logan

    Hi Zulf,

    Nice design, this is my second client site and this theme works great for my cleaning sites. Site also has a great and easy lay out on a mobile which is the most important. The only thing I haven’t been able to figure out is how to change the colour of the wording that is displayed when you click on each of the icons, and also the colour of the wording in the tag line of the site. Is this done in the code or in the front end of one of the options? I am a little blind so it might just be user error. Please advise, and again great design!


  21. JD

    Hi. I just installed your Rendition WordPress Theme.
    I really like the theme.
    I would like to know how I can change the blue background color
    where the read more section is.

    Thank you for your help.