Its been a while since we last updated you all on what’s happening behind the scenes.

It has been a busy month or two – two themes completed with two more under development. Two plugins 90% there with a third around 65% done – final testing and fixing underway. So there’s quite a bit to look forward to for 2014 πŸ™‚

OK, where do we stand with themes wise?

Well, on 20th November WP HeadR went live over in the repository and is almost @ 3K downloads. More details on WP HeadR coming up very soon!

For this post, we want to concentrate on our latest theme, the brand new Pictorial – Editorial with pictures. Theme is now 100% complete and on its way to being reviewed for inclusion in the WordPress repository.

What can you expect from Pictorial?

An elegantly crafted theme that lay emphasis on content complimented with pictures, Pictorial aims to deliver a clean and visual aesthetic website powered by the best on the net – WordPress and Bootstrap.

Theme comes packed with some neat widgets and content handling functionality to give any website a facelift and enhance reader’s visual engagement. Take a look at the screenshot below to get a picture of just one of the look and feel you can expect to achieve with Pictorial.

As well as the standard content, the home page is widget driven together with a custom Intro section. Included as standard are the header widget, Showcase widget area, main sidebar, a 404 only sidebar and a 4 column footer widget area. In addition there, a two custom recent posts widgets ideal for use with the Showcase widget are as well as the main sidebar.

Pictorial Alternative Post WidgetsThe Alternative Recent Post widget allows you to select a category, show/hide: widget title – thumbnail, date, the excerpt, read more button plus the option to show a circle or square thumbnail while the Recent Post Widget allows you to do all of the above but with thumbnails set to full width above the content – giving your site a true pictorial output.

As with all our themes, there are no option/settings panels to worry about – do all your customization via the WordPress built-in Customizer for better visual inspection before committing your changes. Included are the options to show/hide the Intro section show/hide intro title, show/hide site tagline, show/hide comment form on attachment page, show/hide social links in the header and/or the sidebar, hide page title, hide post feed section’s title or change it to suite your site needs. In addition there are options to upload a site logo, set background color or image with much more to come.

Pictorial Pro will have even more options and site layouts just to name a few and will be available around Christmas time – Ahead of of Pictorial pro will be the pro version of WP HeadR (due in a few days time) with the aforementioned plugins following soon after that in the new year.

We welcome feedback and/or constructive criticisms in order to better ourselves and deliver better products to you all – so please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll be glad to address any issues as soon as possible. All suggestions will be considered on merit. For bug reports please use the forum for our free themes and the ticket system for the premium versions – the themes club and/or individual product customers have access to our on-site forum in addition to our new ticketing system.

View Pictorial Theme demo – screenshot also attached below.

Enjoy with the compliments of WP Strap Code team πŸ™‚

Pictorial Full Site Blog Feed



  1. Hi, seem lika great theme. I tryed it out on my site and the recent post widget doesnt work, it shows the images below eachother instead of beside.


    • Hi Ermin,

      May I ask how did you remove the wordpress theme part at the bottom of your page and put Alla rΓ€ttigheter reserverade 2014 Is there and easy ay for non-coders?

      Thanks you

  2. Hello Ermin,

    Thank you for using Pictorial theme.

    The widgets are designed for use in both the sidebar and the showcase areas – by their nature the content is displayed vertically. The horizontal display is achieved in the showcase widget areas by adding a number of recent posts widgets (3 to 4 – with 3 being ideal for the above the content showcase) and selecting different categories in each widget.

    Hope that helps answer your query – if not please let me know with an example of what you’d like to achieve and I’ll see what I can do to assist you further πŸ™‚


  3. Please help me. Besides the fact im new to wordpress im lost in how to work your theme. I don’t know where to go to get the menu like you have in the black bar at the top. And I cant get those circle posts to work. And I don’t like where the meta is. Can you please help me and give me advice on how to make all this look right. I do like the theme but I cant get anything right please help thank you.

    • Hello Angela – thank you for your comment and help is what we are here to do πŸ™‚

      Lets start with the menu: Assuming you have some pages already published if you visit the Menu section found under the Appearance tab you’ll see the options to create your menus.

      1) Create a menu group – call it something like Main Menu or Top Menu and click save.

      2) On the left you’ll notice a section marked as “Pages” with the names (Titles) of your pages and a check box – check the boxes of the pages you wish to appear in the menu and click Add to menu.

      3) There should be a check box at the bottom of the menu items with the name of your menu group created in step 1 above – check this and click save.

      After the above 3 steps if you view your site you should now see the menu items in the menu bar.

      Next is the circle posts: Assuming you have at least 3 categories and at least posts published do the following….

      1) Under the Appearance section click on the widgets link which will open up the widgets page. On the left of the page you’ll see the “Available Widgets” and on the right are the available sidebars/widget areas of the theme.

      2) Click the down arrow next to the “Showcase One” to expand it then from the available widgets locate the “Pictorial – Alternative Recent Posts” widget – by clicking and holding the mouse button on the widget you are able to drag and drop it in the Showcase One widget area. Once done the widget will expand allowing to configure with the desired category and so on.

      3) Repeat step 2 for the rest of the other two Showcase widget areas.

      You can add/include as many posts in each widget provided you have enough published posts – we recommend up to 5 posts in each Showcase widget area just to keep things nice and tidy.

      Hopefully that helps getting you started and do feel free to ask some more if you need further assistance and/or clarification on the above.


      P.S. As for the metas if you let me know what you prefer then I’ll look in to what we can do to accommodate your needs or advise you on how to achieve them.

  4. Hello Zulf! With your help I was able to do everything…. however the circle posts are just showing up as text. Did I miss a step? If you go to my site you might see what im talking about.
    Thanks again,

    • Hello Angela, you are most welcome.

      As for the posts (standard and the circles) you need to add a featured image for each post and the theme will then pull this in to the locations for you.

      You’ll find the option to add the featured image on the post edit screen at the right bottom section.


  5. Hi ya again. I just want to say thanks again for all your wonderful help.
    I think I just have one more issue. I thought when I added my blogroll to the main side bar …it would show stuff that I put in my blog. Its just showing wordpress stuff. so you can see what im talking about.

    • Hi Angela,

      You are most welcome.

      The blogroll comes as standard part of WordPress core and is pre-configured with those links. If you visit the Links section of your Admin Dashboard you’ll see those links and have the option to delete them – you can then add your own links.

      The blogroll is just for links though, it can be used to link to internal pages or external websites – if you want to link to your posts then use the Recent Posts widget. Pictorial also includes 2 extra Recent posts for you to use.

      Hope that helps resolve the issue but should you need further help please feel free to let me know.


  6. Hi ya thanks again.. after I put a comment asking for help I tried to change my profile pic for my commenting section. I couldn’t find how to do it anywhere. You know how my profile shows up as a snowflake here .. how can I change my profiles for guests and myself in my comment section. What do you think of my site so far .. does it look ok? Any tips I would be happy to hear. I feel like im almost done.

    • For the comment pic (avatar) simply go to Settings > > Discussion and towards the bottom is a section marked “Default Avatar” where you can choose what and how the avatar is generated. I personally go for the Identicon (generated) option.

      As for the site, its looking pretty good. I think once you put up enough featured images on per posts it will really stand out. Do consider using the Pictorial – Recent Post widget in the sidebar to really make an impression of your content – again here too the featured images make all the difference πŸ™‚

      Hope that helps and as always do let me know if there’s anything else I can assist with.


  7. judi

    I am not having any luck getting my pages to come up in the navigation bar. Plus are we supposed to set up the static page?

    • Hello Judy,

      The theme works off WordPress inbuilt Menu system which you need to set up first if you haven’t already done so.

      To setup a menu group go to Appearance > > Menus – first create a group by giving it a name and save. Then allocate the desired pages/links by way of a check box against each menu item and click “Add to menu” button. Your items will now be added to the menu group.

      Next scroll down a bit and you’ll see a check box next to “Theme locations” – check this box to add your menu group to the location indicated and then save. Your menu should now be showing on the front end of the site.

      As for your other question, yes you need to create your own content in terms of posts and pages. You can then choose to either keep the site showing the blog feed or allocate a static page to the front page.

      Hope that helps but if you need further assistance then please do not hesitate to give us a shout.


  8. judi

    I must be over thinking this. How do I get my site to look just like the screen shot. Specifically have a Home and Blog in the navigation bar and show the recent posts on the home page. For some reason I am not getting this to work. If I select static home page, the recent posts don’t show at the bottom of the home page. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

    • Hello Judi,

      OK lets break this down….in reverse order.

      “Specifically have a Home and Blog in the navigation bar and show the recent posts on the home page.”
      The menu containing blog is just for illustration and the link would lead to a static page in the demo. By default WordPress shows the blog posts on the home page and will show them on a different page only if you select to have a static page as the front page and the blog on another page.

      “How do I get my site to look just like the screen shot. ” The way the screenshot looks assumes that you have a good number of posts already published. For the circles you need to allocate widgets to these locations and select your categories for each column.

      Again assuming you don’t change the settings for front page i.e. to a static page then your blog posts should be showing below the circle widgets section. This configuration will give you the look and feel of the screenshot.

      If you need hands on assistance then I can help you set up the site the way you want it. To do so please open a ticket on the support section and we can discuss your needs to see how I can best help you – there’s no cost involved πŸ™‚


      • judi

        I understand the widgets.
        If I select latest posts for front page display, how do I get the home button int he navigation to display home page.
        I would like a home button in the navigation and the latest posts on the front page.

        IF I can’t have that, how do I get the words “Latest posts” and “home” off the bottom of the home page when static home page is selected.

        • For the “Home” button/link in the menu to appear simply follow the same procedure outline earlier on adding menu items to a menu group. You may have to click on the “View All” in order to see the “Home” link item.

          The words “Latest Posts” can be disabled and/or customized via the theme customizer section under the “Sitewide General Options” tab.


          • judi

            Zulf, my reply was rejected.
            “Technical details of permanent failure:
            Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [].”

            How to proceed? was giving you access.

    • Hello Judi,

      The post formats are a WordPress core feature and allow you to designate certain posts as any one of those formats depending on the content.

      So for example if your post is mainly images then you’d give it the “Image” post format – The output of that post would then be handled differently from the standard posts. The handling would depend on the theme structure if it has the supporting templates in place – currently Pictorial does not have such templates but they are part of the TODO list for future releases.

      There are also plugins that would handle how this content is output in the sidebar location too but I’ve not really looked at them yet.

      Let me know if that answers your query or not, or if there’s anything else I can help with.


  9. Love your theme!!! Have been enjoying using it, but I have one problem…..Is there any way to change the featured image sizes??? If you goto my blog and view the home page and see my latest posts you will see what I mean. Thanks so much for your assistance.

    • Hello Amy,

      The current dimensions for the post featured images are 940px by 320px and if your images were uploaded before activating Pictorial then it is more than likely you’ll need to regenerate the thumbnails for these dimensions to take effect.

      To regenerate the thumbnails please use the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin available here:

      If that’s not what you are asking then please give more details i.e how do you wish them to be resized and I’ll do my best to assist you.


  10. Zulf, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am not very computer literate. Most everyone I know can program or code their themes, not me. I would love to learn in time, but not now. I know doing the simple tasks has been an adventure.
    My concern was trying to view ALL of my featured picture when it posts my latest blog because it was cutting out part of the picture because the dimensions were not to the standard. Now that you have showed me how to generate my thumbnails and then also having the size for the featured picture is HUGE. Now I can have a dimension to type into my resizer and I can see ALL of the picture. Thank you again.

  11. zulf, have another issue and wondering if you could help? On my blog I am trying to add my ebook that I am selling on the main sidebar. The picture will not show up. I have resized it to 400 x 300 and it still will not show, I rescaled it back up to 2000×1500–which is the same dimension as the other images on the sidebar. Do you have any advice?

    • Hi Amy,

      Could I ask on how are you adding the image to the sidebar? The dimension shouldn’t really matter much as the actual code used to insert the image.

      Let me know and I’ll see what I can do to assist.


    • simple—lol i am using wordpress and it adds widgets to the sidebar. I choose the widget that is for image and then i just put in the url where the image is at. I did it for all of the others and I had no problem, not sure why this one is not working.

  12. Mohammad Qasim

    Nice template! i have just featured this template in one of my wp theme collection article. I just love all of your templates.

  13. Hi there,

    I have been working on this new theme for the entire day and thank you so much for this great work. Thank you thank you!

    I have some questions and would appreciate if you could help me.

    *I am in love with round shape “showcase on above content”. But I would love to have round shape above content part only. Is there a way to disable the latest/recent posts and see only round shape images and excerpts and nothing under them ( no recent posts) ?

    * I couldn`t find where to enable featured posts as you did on the right top of your demo.

    *Is there a secret sauce for removing “tags” “category” info that are shown just under the image of the latest posts on the main page?

    *I have enabled Regenerate widget. But the images on the recent posts are too big and one of them is bigger than the others, they don`t look like what you have on your demo. Am I missing something?

    *Is there a specific size/resolution that I should be careful about before uploding to my site to have good looking images?

    *How can I hide CTA butons ( I click hide CTA but they are still active) from home intro options?

    *Is there an easy way to translate”Read more ” and ” Read the full article” into my own language? I want to write ” Devami…” instead of “read more” ( with zero coding knowledge)

    Here is the link to my web site in case you want to have a look

    Thank you so much for this amazing theme and for your support.

  14. Rol

    Please advise how I change the blue and white text I cant find it in the customiser – I want to purchase more themes but I must get this one right

    Thanks otherwise great theme

  15. Lisa

    I’ve manipulated my theme to show some pages through duplication of those pages into posts.

    However, now I reconstructing the site. I would really like the pictorial element to be pages that I select and their featured image is what comes back as the circle images.

    Is this possible? Can I do this through the links?

    I can recreate posts again but I feel this is forgery really and possible creating duplicate content that I have to update in two places.

    I would like my vlog to be at the bottom

    Hoping you can assist.

    • Hello Lisa,

      The required option is possible but would require constructing a child theme with a custom function/option for pages rather than posts and will depend on your coding comfort level.

      If you’d like to wait a week or so I’ll have the extended version up on site for purchase – this includes the Page showcase widget in it.