Itek Theme

Itek {iTech} is the latest in the family of themes from WP Strap Code themes.

Itek is a clean cross niche oriented WordPress theme ideal for any type of website. It integrates the Parallax header effect with a modern looking layout to give an overall aesthetically pleasing look and feel to content heavy websites.

Take a look at the screenshot image below or visit the demo site for a closer look.

Itek WordPress Theme

Itek Demo Preview! Download iTek!

91 thoughts on “Itek Theme

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if there maybe a way to fix Itek theme: when it is read on the computer it looks great but it is not responsive to mobile phones or tablets, is there a way around this?

    Thank you in advance

  2. Thanks for all of your efforts in putting together this great theme! It’s terrific!

    Is there any way to disable auto-hyphen for text and titles?


  3. Hi Zulf,

    very nice theme, but I’m having trouble with dimensions. Everything is veeeeery large. Can you help on how to make it all smaller and neater?

    Many thanks


  4. Sorry for Duplicate comment. I just wanted to make sure I get emailed when new comments are posted.

    I’ve been using your theme for a while now and it’s awesome. The only issue I have is with the thumbnails for the showcase pages that display on the home page.

    I want to add circular images. At the moment they get stretched and distorted when someone hovers over them. I can’t find the #supplementary .widget-area:hover .img-circle in any of the .css to change it.

    How do I stop the featured images on the homepage from being stretched?


  5. Hey,
    I’ve been using your theme for a while now and it’s awesome. The only issue I have is with the thumbnails for the showcase pages that display on the home page.

    I want to add circular images. At the moment they get stretched and distorted when someone hovers over them. I can’t find the #supplementary .widget-area:hover .img-circle in any of the .css to change it.

    How do I stop the featured images on the homepage from being stretched?


  6. What custom css code will stop the custom-header from repeating? Please help!

    I’ve tried various codes with out success i.e.

    #custom-background {background-repeat: no-repeat;}

    #header {background-repeat: no-repeat;}

    #parallax-bg {
    background-image: url(‘’);
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-position: center top;
    background-attachment: scroll;
    background-size: cover;

    • Hello Von Mozar,

      The header CSS is controlled via a custom function targeting the parallax-bg ID and can be found in functions.php starting @line 345. As the code is hooked to the wp_head action means it fires after all other CSS have been loaded and therefore the custom CSS you are adding has no effect since it is loaded before the function.

      In order to override it you’ll need to use a child theme, add the function to your functions.php, edit as required and then set it fire on a higher priority of say 10 or 11. So in your code the add action line would be something like add_action('wp_head', 'itek_internal_css', 11);

      Alternatively you can wrap you CSS code in a function callback hooked to the wp_head action and again fired with a higher priority so it kicks in after the main theme’s code has been output.

      Hope that helps but feel free to ask some more if the need be.


      • Thanks for your reply Zulf,

        Can you confirm if this is what I need to do – put a higher priority of 10 or 11 into the following code: add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘itek_internal_css’);

        Then add the code: #parallax-bg {
        background-image: url(‘’);
        background-repeat: no-repeat;
        background-position: center top;
        background-attachment: scroll;
        background-size: cover;

        into the custom css which will then stop the header from repeating?

        • You are most welcome Von.

          The code is to be copied over to the child theme’s functions.php, amend the function name to something like itek_child_interna_css, then only change the values of background elements to your desired values i.e background-repeat: no-repeat; and give the add_action a higher priority as stated before.

          The new function will in turn override the parent theme’s function to return the new values i.e no-repeat.

          Please note that you do not need to include the absolute path to the image as the function uses the image added via Appearance >> Header.

          Hope that makes sense.


  7. First, absolutely love this theme. Thank you so much for your hard work!

    I wanted to know if there was a fix for the blank white space that appears when I upload a custom header? If I revert back to the theme default skyline image it disappears and the page overlaps per usual. But when I try to customize the image (with the recommended header dimensions) I end up with a blank white gap between the header and page information. Help?

    • Hi Amanda,

      You are most welcome – glad that the theme meets your approval and is of benefit :)

      Without seeing the effect first hand it would be difficult to pinpoint a specific element and provide the code – could you post a link to the site so that I can have a look at the underlying code and see what needs adjusting?

      BTW, my sincere apologies for the delay in responding – its heyfever season in the UK and that is currently playing havoc on my health.


  8. Hey Zulfikar :),

    firstly -> (my first wp site with your awesome theme :)) , it’s very thin but i hope you like it.

    Everything worked well for now except having tough time with changing “itek-page-showcase.php file” line-no 45 “thumb-widget” image size name.

    I want to change this size name to “thumbnail” in child theme but got no idea how to do it. It’s defined in function of a class in the file which is in /inc/ (sub-directory).

    I need some guidance to override that function / that class / that file / or any way to change “thumb-widget” size-name to “thumbnail” or any other size-name.

    Thanks n Regards,

    • Hi Zulfikar,

      I’ve made it work as instructed in a tutorial by:
      1. unregister “PageShowcaseWidget”
      2. include new child class/widget file (same as parent except class name)
      3. register “PageShowcaseWidgetChild” (with “thumb-widget” updated to “thumbnail”)

      It’s working for me now but i wish that it could be done some easy way.

      Thanks & Regards

      • Hello Vidyut,

        Glad you got it sorted :) – I’m restructuring the site and how I offer the products at the moment and theme documentation is going to be one of the main focus for the new structure. Hoping to streamline everything to deliver a better user experience on themes, plugins and site/product access points.

        BTW, love what you’ve done with the site so far – its always awesome to see someone take a theme and tweak it to their needs stepping away from the uniform default look. I’d say job weldone to you!


  9. Hello,

    I love the theme. I would like to keep the post entry as my front page, but I don’t want the blog posts to show up, I’d rather have static text there and the side bar. How can I do this?

    Thank you,


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  16. I like the theme, it has made most of the experience very easy. However there are 2 issues I haven’t been able to figure out:

    1: The picture sizes wont change even after I tried 2 different thumbnail regenerator’s for the theme Itek version 1.1.4. I’m using it as an e-commerce site and I need these pictures to size correctly. Nothing I have done has worked please advise.

    2: I need to change the theme’s default color and I haven’t found a way to do it yet.

    Any help will be appreciated, thanks.

    • Glad you like the theme.

      Could I ask what are the dimensions of the images used? Were the images uploaded before the theme was activated or after and, are we referring to the post images or product images?

      As for the question on default color then you’ll find the primary (#00a5c5) in the custom.css file – please note that this is applied to various elements of the theme in separate code blocks. To change any/all of the element’s you’d need to copy the code blocks in to your child theme and then make the edits – please do not edit the main files of the theme as all edits will be lost upon a future theme update.

      Hope that helps but fee free to ask some more if the need be.


      • The image size that I up-loaded was 300px by 300px, and then tried to use the sizes 90px by 90px, 150px by 150px and 300px by 300px. I am referring to the product images and they was up-loaded after the theme was activated.

        Thank you for the tip on how to customize my css.

  17. Hi,

    Great theme, thanks for making it available. I’m making a personal curriculum, but can’t find the perfect aspect ratio for the showcase pictures thumbnail (widgets -> showcase one/two/three -above content -> thumbnail). Do you have it handy and want to share it with me?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hello Kenneth,

      The standard post thumbnail size is set at 672 by 372 pixels which is used to populate the Page Showcase widget – This works out to around an aspect ration of 2:1.

      Hopefully that is what you a looking for but do let me know if I miss understood and I’ll be more than happy to look further in to it for you.


      • Hm, you must have misunderstood. I mean the pictues in the “circles”. In your preview on top of the page it’s the one above “about the tests”, “sample page” and “page image allignment”. Making my preview thumbnails 672 by 372 is still not the right aspect ratio. Does it make sense?

        Thanks for the help so far.

  18. Hello. I just started my site a week ago. I love the theme. I was using it a lot this morning. I also updated it today as there was a notice of an update. When I left the computer for two hours or so it was working and looking great. When I returned, without doing anything, the pictures associated with my posts on the front page were all missing. I know they were there when I left because I looked right at the front page several times, and I changed one of the pictures. I waited until it all looked great before I left, but when I returned they were all gone, except one at the bottom. When I click on the post and it takes me to the post page, the pic is still there. How can I fix it? Thank you. I do like the theme a lot.

  19. Hi Zulfi,

    I want to make alumni website. Where students can become member and they can search their classmates by year of admissions or their first and/or last name. Which plugin I should use so they can enter data from the website and can find also them by just year and/or name? Student should be able to upload their photo also. Is there any help you could do to search a best plugin for this. Currently I am using Visual form builder it records data but not able to export in pdf or excel file. More over don’t know which kind of plugin i should use so the stored data by visual form builder can be retrieved as per requirement. Please help

    • Hello Amin,

      For that type of website I would personally opt for the BuddyPress plugin and extend it with its many add on plugins – I seem to recall that there’s one for extending the built in profile builder so you don’t really need any other type of a form builder.

      If you do a search in your Admin >> Plugins section for BuddyPress it will up a list of all related plugins you could use. The alternative to BuddyPress would be the Mingle plugin but I’m not very familiar with that on.

      Hope that helps,

  20. Buenos dias

    Como puedo añadir una foto en las entradas y que me quede como en el modelo de la parte superior? yo incluyo una foto y si no pinchas en leer mas no se ve, quedando una serie de lineas amontonadas y sin foto.


    • Sorry Mangeles but my Spanish is very weak.

      Could I ask you to link directly to the post/page with which you are having issues with the images please – I can’t really give a definitive response without seeing the issue at first hand.


    • Hello Larry,

      The theme introduces new image sizes for the WooCommerce and if the site has images which were uploaded prior to activating the theme then the solution could be as simple as regenerating the thumbnails.

      However if the images were uploaded after theme activation and you feel they are too large then that may require some code adjustment on my part – could you link to the site so that I can take a look to determine what would need adjusting in order to fit in with your requirements please? Also an indication of what size you are looking to accommodate would be of great help.


  21. Hey the theme is not being responsive with all resolutions and isn’t mobile friendly. Am I doing something wrong or was it not designed to be like that ?

    • Hello Pran,

      The theme is built on Bootstrap which is fully responsive and mobile friendly.

      What is your current setup, active plugins, etc. – plus a link to the site would be helpful in assisting you resolve any issues.


  22. Hello Zulfikar,

    Your theme is in the news , i liked it’s demo so much and and I’m a total rookie for WordPress.

    I want to use it for a business website which currently has no planning for e-business so i want all the facilities as it is except shopping-cart(..still i want to display products and categories/sub-categories but without add to cart option).

    Do I’ve any chances any how? Please guide.


    • Hello Vidyut,

      Glad you like the theme and thank you for considering it for your project.

      The eCommerce function of the theme is totally WooCommerce plugin driven and options only become available if the plugin is installed and active – otherwise the theme functions independent of the plugin and can be used without it at which point it would not be possible to display products via the theme only.

      With the WooCommerce plugin active you are able to display products and their category plus you have total control on the cart placement. The theme would work equally well with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin (although not tested yet) which gives you the option of not having the cart but show products with direct downloads.

      Hopefully I grasped what you were looking for and the above meets the query but if not please feel free to elaborate and I’ll do my best to assist :)


      • Hi Zulfikar,

        Thanks for quick reply and valued information :) , and an apology from my side for grammar mistake in sentence “i liked it’s demo” in last comment. :|

        I’ve activated WooCommerce plugin and it’s working quite good but I’m facing some issues with display(…like category/products pages don’t show up in full width template) in particular way but I’m trying and working on it, and I know I’ve to contact you soon for help but for now won’t take your more time.

        Thanks once again!

        • Awesome Vidyut. No worries about the grammar – lol even I don’t stick to the rules :D

          Feel free to ask anytime you need assistance with any aspect of the theme, I’m always here to help and its never a trouble.


          • Hey Zulfikar,

            I’m here again :D with few stupid questions as usual.

            1. What are the best height width ratio in pixels for the itek theme for each … Catalog Images/Single Product Image/Product Thumbnails ? … and with hard crop or without it?

            2. Do you prefer any particular ratio? If so please share.

            3. And can we have any other ratio for images without damaging theme’s look?


          • Hello Vidyut, welcome back :)

            The settings for images are as follow:

            Catalog = 472px by 300px
            Single Product = 672px by 472px
            Product Thumbnails = 372px by 186px.

            I find images with an aspect ration of 4:3 tend to work better but yes, you can use other aspect ratios without much distortion on the theme’s aesthetics but obviously smaller images will be distorted when upscaled depending on their quality.

            Hope that helps and gives you an idea of the dimensions for best results.


  23. hi, is there a download link out yet? I can’t seem to find it. I noticed that you said you would release it on friday. Its friday in calfornia, and I’m really looking forward to using this theme!

    • Thank you Kamlesh, glad you like the theme :)

      That is most likely an oversight on my part by only setting the excerpts on the home templates only. I’ll take a look at as soon as I possibly can and push out an update for it. It will most likely be towards the middle of next week as I want to push updates out for the premium versions over the weekend and I’m strapped for time.


    • Currently that option is not available in either the free or the pro version but it is a planed option for the premium theme.

      If you’d like to use one of the free plugins from the repository then I’d suggest creating a child theme to accommodate the slider code – once you have selected a plugin of your choice you can always shout out for assistance and I’ll be more than happy to assist you getting it work for you.


  24. Where can I get the pro version? I want to change the hyperlink colors, font colors, and several other custom modifications that don’t seem to be available. Thanks!

    • Hello Carter,

      The Pro version of iTek is going live on Friday – we were waiting for WordPress 3.9 to be released so that we can fully test on as many live server environment settings as possible. Since WP 3.9 only went live late Wednesday evening for us we’ll need the whole of Thursday to run the test but are confident that all should be good for launch on Friday :)


  25. hello,
    is possible please to have a “dynamic head”?
    I have to insert in media, various images 1600×380 pixel.
    it would be nice to see that the images are constantly changing (example after 3/5 seconds).

    Thenk you.

    • Dynamic headers with auto change is not possible however you can set the header to change randomly on page load. To have an auto changing header would require the use of custom code or a slider type plugin – a basic knowledge/understanding of how to insert code in to pre-existing code is also required.


    • Yes you can via either a child theme or a custom css plugin and adding the following css code
      .navbar-inverse {
      background-color: #6B6B6B;

      Please remember to only do this is a child theme or css plugin as editing the theme’s files directly is not a good idea!

    • Hello Sangi,

      I’m sorry but that error is not coming from the theme.

      What was the last action taken before the error appeared? And could you please link to the site so that I have something to work with in order to assist you.


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