WordPress Podcast Themes (Part 1)

“My favourite part of podcasting is running my mouth for an hour. The only time I don’t like it is when I’m off. Then that hour feels like a day and a half.” – Bill Burr

With growing demand for media content, the importance of podcasting is increasing and a lot of media channels are jumping into the act.

It has also opened a channel for those who were never comfortable with creating text and video content. So, if you’re eager to make the most out of this opportunity, all you need is some hardware, technical knowledge of audio equipment and a website to share those podcast content.

When it comes to other technical aspects, you can either learn those or hire someone professional but the website part can be taken care of by WordPress and a dedicated theme. I’m sharing the compilation of the best Podcasting WordPress theme which starts now. Ready?

Bellow, you will find 6 themes out of 21, click here for Next Podcasting WordPress themes (part 7- 21).

#1 Giza

The internet marketing realm is not a secret anymore and thousands of newbies are joining the blogosphere every month. So, to make yourself stand apart from the crowd, you need to make a professional impact. And, Giza is a theme that can help you achieve that with its professional look and features, specifically designed for writers, and podcasters.

Theme highlights:

  • The theme is loaded with unlimited colors and layouts making it perfect for running an online magazine or a normal blog.
  • It comes with support for multiple post formats and a dedicated format underneath to handle them, including the podcast.
  • It uses responsive layout, making it available perfectly on mobile devices and uses Retina-ready design elements and icons.
  • The theme is 100% translatable, making it available around the globe.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#2 Album

Coming to our next recommendation, this is a theme specifically designed for music niche, and the related subjects, to perfectly work with WordPress core. It comes with related functionalities built-in and can be used to run a band website. It allows live music streaming, making it compatible with our podcasting needs.

Theme highlights:

  • It comes with a built-in event calendar to help you showcase important and upcoming shows with related details.
  • It supports custom Menus which can be customized and used as per the taste.
  • The theme comes with proper documentation and DIY tutorials to help you with the setup and make ensure a proper utilization.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#3 Podcaster

Now the third recommendation is a specific theme designed for podcast niche, which means you can find dedicated options and functionality built right within the theme itself. The design is clean, responsive, Retina-ready and totally impressive in look. It can also handle a dedicated blog if you wish to share some content with your subscribers and it also supports custom page templates.

Theme highlights:

  • The theme comes with a bunch of built-in customization options, helping the webmaster to bring possible changes easily.
  • It supports both audio and video podcasts, supporting these two types of media content along with support for oEmbed.
  • It comes with parallax scrolling, increasing the overall look and further wooing the visitor.
  • If you run subscription services on other platforms, the theme allows putting a link to each of them.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#4 Americanaura

This particular theme is built over AudioTheme framework which is a dedicated script for the audio specific niche. This particular theme is a classy product which looks premium from every corner and it can be further customized using the framework behind. So, no need to write any code to implement a change.

Theme highlights:

  • The design is responsive and works perfectly on mobile devices as well as on desktop and laptop browsers.
  • It supports jukebox, allowing visitors to discover and stream selected songs from your playlist.
  • It uses marquee and pinboard layout, making it easy for the visitors to quickly interact with the content and share it.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#5 Soundbyte

If you prefer choosing a theme which is trending at a particular course of time, then consider checking Soundbyte, a trending product at ThemeForest. It’s a unique looking theme specifically designed for the podcast and audio niches and the developer behind it is known for its quality work since years. The theme is new and comes with the modern and eye-catching layout.

Theme highlights:

  • It comes with built-in audio and video player, along with support for multiple devices.
  • The theme includes a dedicated page builder behind the scene supported with simple Drag & Drop builder.
  • It follows the best practices to make the website SEO friendly and gain better rankings on SERPs.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#6 Chords

Chords is my last recommendation and it covers every possible sub-niche coming under the audio category. It comes with a built-in homepage builder, making it possible and easy for customizations. It includes HTML and PSDs files and comes with a built-in Discography management to help visitors quickly find the audio or music file they are looking for or interested in.

Theme highlights:

  • It comes with a modern and very impressive looking UI, making it easy for the visitors to fall in love with your services or product.
  • It comes with a built-in event management tool, to quickly share upcoming events on the website or in real-life places.
  • The theme also holds special pages to share artists profiles and details.

Full Details & Download | Demo


Getting started with WordPress is simple and the theme part will take care of all the functionalities. You just have to start with using the available tools and hundreds of DIY tutorials are available to help you. Our expert team will also be available at the discussion section to help you out from a particular issue on the subject. Good luck!

Unconditional Child Theme

Namely this theme addresses the following raised queries:

  • Makes the navbar fixed on scroll – i.e. the navbar remains visible at the top of the site as one scrolls down the page.
  • Removes the header image and replaces it with an internal narrower header section containing the site title only.

Alternatively if one needs to show the same header thorough the site then the file header.php located in the child theme can edited as follow:

  1. @line 26 remove only this code “if ( is_front_page() ) :” – make sure to leave the “?>” in place!
  2. Remove all of the code from line 56 through to 70 and save.
  3. Finally add the following CSS rules to the style.css file located in the child theme folder:

.single #section7, .singular #section7 {
margin-top: 76px;

With the above edits in place the site header image together with its content should now show throughout the entore site.

If you have any issues with the above or any other aspects of child themeing please feel free to ask in the comments.

[wpdm_package id=’1582′]


Download Demo Hosting

Unconditional – A multi purpose Responsive WordPress theme suited for business, designers and pro-bloggers. Built with Bootstrap and Jetpack powered portfolio.

Theme Features:

  1. Custom home page with multiple features:
    •  Service boxes.
    • Call To Action section
    • Blog feed/page home content
    • Jetpack Portfolio support built in.
    • Multiple separate sidebars for frontpage/blog, pages, portfolio and single posts.
  2.   Bootstrap 3.2 powered.
  3.  Sectionalized with option to show/hide specific sections.
  4.  Child theme ready – will be releasing some soon.

This is the lite version of the theme with minimal options – premium version will include options to switch backgrounds/colors for the various sections, multiple color selectors for the various elements (via the Styles plugin) plus much much more…

So go on, give your site the Unconditional love it deserves!


Download Demo Hosting

Rendition is a clean and elegant theme ideal for Business, Designers and Pro Bloggers websites. It has a unique blog feed grid layout, support for JetPack’s new portfolio post type and with related posts for both single post and portfolio view.

In addition, Rendition comes packed with pre-bult header tabs, Service boxes and a call to action sections ready for your custom front page content. Take a look at the screenshot below for a first hand view of the theme:

Rendition WordPress theme

Rendition has been submitted to WordPress.org and is currently awaiting review and approval in to the repository – In the meantime, to download the theme please go to: Download Rendition advance copy.

Itek Theme

Download Demo Hosting

Itek {iTech} is the latest in the family of themes from WP Strap Code themes.

Itek is a clean cross niche oriented WordPress theme ideal for any type of website. It integrates the Parallax header effect with a modern looking layout to give an overall aesthetically pleasing look and feel to content heavy websites.

With Itek you can add call to action in the header area to collect emails or direct visitors to a sale page. This template would be great for corporate websites and agencies alike.

Take a look at the screenshot image below or visit the demo site for a closer look.

Itek WordPress Theme


Download Demo Hosting

Almasi – The Diamond!

As with every raw Diamond, a little polishing and tender care results in a sparkling gem! Make your Website sparkle with Almasi polished with awesome content, images and videos all wrapped with a touch of topics you care about. I can see this template working great as a magazine or a car blog, built on Twitters bootstrap framework to give you a more secure webiste.

Almasi comes packed with the following features:

  • 4 menu locations (3 standard + 1 Social links),
  • 2 Widget areas (Sidebar + Showcase area),
  • 3 Custom Widgets (Almasi Ephemera, Almasi Page Showcase + Almasi Recent Posts),
  • Custom header below top menu,
  • Grid Featured Content + Triple transition Slider below Site title/social links,
  • Custom menu social icons
  • Support for custom background color/image,
  • Translation ready with .pot file
  • and much more!

Almasi WordPress Theme

WPHeadR Pro & Pictorial Pro

The premium versions of Pictorial and WPheadR themes are now available in the member’s area for download – the individual version are coming soon.

WPheadR Extended is premium version of the of our WPHeadR theme and is a stand alone theme – the downloaded file can be installed directly via the WordPress theme uploader.

Pictorial FullOn however is a combination of a child theme for the Pictorial theme plus an add on plugin to extend the functionality – once download you must first unzip the file in order to access both the theme and the plugin. First you’ll need to install the child theme via the theme installer in your WordPress dashboard – this action will also install the parent theme if it is not already installed. You will then need to install the add on plugin to add the premium functionality of the theme.

If you have any questions on either of the themes or the plugin please feel free to open a support ticket or post in the forum for further assistance.

Pictorial Theme

Its been a while since we last updated you all with what’s happening behind the scenes.

It has been a busy month or two – two themes completed with two more under development. Two plugins 90% there with a third around 65% done – final testing and fixing under way. So there’s quiet a bit to look forward to for 2014 🙂

OK, where do we stand with themes wise?

Well, on 20th November WP HeadR went live over in the WordPress.org repository and is almost @ 3K downloads. More details on WP HeadR coming up very soon!

For this post we want to concentrate on our latest theme, the brand new Pictorial – Editorial with pictures. Theme is now 100% complete and on its way to be reviewed for inclusion in the WordPress repository.

What can you expect from Pictorial?

An elegantly crafted theme that lay emphasis on content complimented with pictures, Pictorial aims to deliver a clean and visual aesthetic website powered by the best on the net – WordPress and Bootstrap.

Theme comes packed with some neat widgets and content handling functionality to give any website a facelift and enhance reader’s visual engagement. Take a look at the screenshot below to get a picture of just one of the look and feel you can expect to achieve with Pictorial.

As well as the standard content, the home page is widget driven together with a custom Intro section. Included as standard are the header widget, Showcase widget area, main sidebar, a 404 only sidebar and a 4 column footer widget area. In addition there a two custom recent posts widgets ideal for use with the Showcase widget are as well as the main sidebar.

Pictorial Alternative Post WidgetsThe Alternative Recent Post widget allows you to select a category, show/hide: widget title – thumbnail, date, the excerpt, read more button plus the option to show a circle or square thumbnail while the Recent Post Widget allows you to do all of the above but with thumbnails set to full width above the content – giving your site a true pictorial output.

As with all our themes there are no option/settings panels to worry about – do all your customisation via the WordPress built in Customizer for better visual inspection before committing your changes. Included are the options to show/hide the Intro section show/hide intro title, show/hide site tagline, show/hide comment form on attachment page, show/hide social links in the header and/or the sidebar, hide page title, hide post feed section’s title or change it to suite your site needs. In addition there are options to upload a site logo, set background color or image with much more to come.

Pictorial Pro will have even more options and site layouts just to name a few and will be available around Christmas time – Ahead of of Pictorial pro will be the pro version of WP HeadR (due in a few days time) with the aforementioned plugins following soon after that in the new year.

We welcome feedback and/or constructive criticisms in order to better ourselves and deliver better products to you all – so please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll be glad to address any issues as soon as possible. All suggestions will be considered on merit. For bug reports please use the WordPress.org forum for our free themes and the ticket system for the premium versions – the themes club and/or individual product customers have access to our on site forum in addition to the ticketing system.

View Pictorial Theme demo – screenshot also attached below.

Enjoy with the compliments of WP Strap Code team 🙂

Pictorial Full Site Blog Feed