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Unconditional – A multi-purpose Responsive WordPress theme suited for business, designers, and pro-bloggers. Built with Bootstrap and Jetpack-powered portfolio.

Theme Features:

  1. Custom homepage with multiple features:
    •  Service boxes.
    • Call To Action section
    • Blog feed/page home content
    • Jetpack Portfolio support built in.
    • Multiple separate sidebars for front page/blog, pages, portfolio and single posts.
  2.   Bootstrap 3.2 powered.
  3.  Sectionalized with an option to show/hide specific sections.
  4.  Child theme ready – will be releasing some soon.
  5. Due to popular demand Unconditional now supports BuddyPress & bbPress, for other alternatives visit SoftwareFindr.

This is the lite version of the theme with minimal options – premium version will include options to switch backgrounds/colors for the various sections, multiple color selectors for the various elements (via the Styles plugin) plus much much more…

So go on, give your site the Unconditional love it deserves!


  1. Robin


    Quick question: I’m currently testing your theme, but whenever I edit categories, upload a post or change posts, the whole theme resets. I don’t know how, because when just editing the homepage, nothing goes wrong. When I uploaded my first post and linked it, the whole theme just reset.

    Any ideas? Love the theme, but without reset it would be awesome 😉

    Thanks in advance!


    • Hello Robin,

      That is very weird as the theme should not be impacted with changes made outside the theme customizer. Could you explain a little more on what you mean by reset? A link to the site and a post or page would also be of help in debugging the issue for you.


    • Hello Erik,

      Uploading a revised version to with a note and link for the different icons you can use.

      In the future once I’ve figured out how to add/pull things in to the Customizer I’ll endevour to add a select box for the icons instead of having to type them in manually.


  2. Tim

    Your Unconditional theme doesn’t seem to want to support Sub-menu’s. Is that true or an I missing something? Thanks

  3. Raph


    I am about to re-launch my blog and am using your theme, really like it! Great work!

    I’ve inserted a “recent post” bar in the header – now an about 20px bar appears between the header image and the service section. As well as the titles of the 3 services disappeared. Any idea how to get rid of that bar? It seams that the background image remains at its exact place but the rest moves down by the size of the recent post bar.

    Thank you!

    • Hello Raph,

      There is a bug with the header section which was caused by the adjustments of the code refactoring on the previous update – got it fixed and will be uploading the latest version for review shortly.

      Not sure about the titles – is there an entry in the title field or are they blank?

      Also if you could point to the plugin I’d like to test it further as I noticed that it has some side effect in the font icons too.


  4. julian

    Hello i’m new to all of this, i’m trying to find out is it possible to change the Button color from red to any other color and how would i go about doing that ?

    • Hello Julian,

      Yes it is possible to change almost any elements color for this theme but it requires some understanding of CSS/PHP coding – basically you’ll be working with a child theme where you can make your edits to achieve the desired results.

      Having said that, the premium version of the theme is coming out soon – it comes with options to change/set a lot of the theme directly from the theme customizer without the need to touch any code.


  5. Cliff

    I am fairly new at WordPress, and not an educated programmer. I am liking the basic functionality of the Unconditional theme and slogging through the creation of a child theme for the first time. I am getting close to what I want. My question now is getting images to maintain their proportion. I gave up on the thinking I can control the header image proportion since it is tied to whatever screen width exists. There I used a texture that works with various proportions. I was able to reduce the image-height in the assets/css/custom.css file, after quite a bit of sorting around.

    I am now experimenting with a 600 x 600 px image with the Post Featured Images. The Front Page featured image post is squashed vertically and cropped vertically. When “continued” button is selected, to see the post, the image is not squashed, but is still cropped. Is there any way to not have images cropped or squashed?

    • Hello Cliff,

      The theme makes use of featured images via the wordpress function of post-thumbnails and the cropping is handled by WordPress core. As theme developers we can only add in image size filters for specific sections of the theme and hope that the media uploader will respect them while cropping the images. In order to avoid any cropping it would mean that you upload the exact sizes as stipulated in the theme’s functions.php which you can view here: – the sizes are given under the section marked as “Enable support for Post Thumbnails on posts and pages”

      If you can provide a link to the live site I may be to take a look and suggest some functions you can use in the child theme in order to assist in getting the results you desire.


  6. Thomas

    Hi !

    Recently i built my site with this theme. Can you show me how to adjust the customize page, beacause neither arrow doesnt go down.


    • Hello Thomas,

      Could you explain a little more on the arrow you referred to?

      Do you mean that you are unable to open any of the customization tabs? If so then it sounds like a javascript interfering with the customizer and you might want to check on the active plugins.

      If not then a little more info will help pinpont the issue and the possibility of getting you a solution.


  7. Annie

    Utilizing your theme for the first time. How can I get the theme name off my header? UNDCONDITIONAL “we are a small team” yadda yadda is always showing, and I do not wish to have the “learn more” or “activate” boxes either. Help! Website is

    • Hi Annie,

      You can hide the entire intro section, just the text part and/or just the call to action buttons via the provided checkboxes found under the “Unconditional CTA Options” tab in the theme’s customizer.

      Let me know how that goes and if there’s anything else I can help with.


  8. ilonka

    Hi I just installed your nice looking Unconditional theme. I can’t seem to find the CSS sheet in order to make the adjustments that I want. I do see a lot of php stuff, which I am not familiar with. When I open the CSS style sheet, I don’t see any of the CSS code that you normally find there.
    Can you help me? Where is the CSS style sheet located?

    • Hi Ilonka,

      The theme’s scripts and styles are deliberately located in an internal folder in order to avoid them being edited accidentally and thus breaking the site.

      If you wish to make any modifications then please consider using a child theme to do so and they will override the parent theme’s style. Alternatively you can use a custom CSS plugin to add your rules there.

      If you need further assistance with the above please feel free to ask.


  9. Bas

    Hi, is it correct that the width/height ratio of header image changes depending the screen resolution? I’m using your theme for a news site, [link removed as the site is no longer using this theme].

    A great theme, anyway, I’ll making a brighter child theme very soon, I think.

  10. Audrey


    Thanks for the theme! I am relatively new to wordpress.

    (1) How do i remove the “Leave a Reply” Comment section in all the pages?
    (2) On the home page how do i remove the search bar, archives and meta?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Audrey,

      You are most welcome and good to have you on board 🙂

      (1) How do i remove the “Leave a Reply” Comment section in all the pages?

      The comment section can be removed on per page basis via the page edit screen – please see my response in the forum 🙂

      (2) On the home page how do i remove the search bar, archives and meta?

      These are placeholder sidebar widgets which can be changed/removed via the Appearance >> Widgets screen of your admin dashboard.


  11. dev9


    Looks like I posted a comment under the wrong section, but here we go again.
    So, great job on the theme, I’m using it for a couple of days now and absolutely love it!

    However, I would like to change the animation speed of the three animate circles below the header.
    I presume this is a .js function? What .js file to edit (and what line/s) within the /assets/js in order to customize it a bit?

    Specifically, I would like to slow down the transition?

    Keep up the awesome work!


    • Hello dev9,

      Thank you for the appreciations, glad you like the theme.

      As for the query, there are no js magical animation in use on the service box – just a simple hover state with a variation on the opacity. You could however add a css transition to the element(s) and control the speed as you wish.

      As an example, the following code will add a transition to the entire service box with a one and a half seconds time delay.
      .box > .icon,
      .box > .icon > .image,
      .box > .icon > .image > i,
      .box > .icon > .info,
      .box > .icon > .info > h3.title,
      .box > .icon > .info > p,
      .box > .icon > .info > .more a {
      transition: all 1.5s ease;

      Hope that’s what you are looking for.


  12. George

    Hi Zulf,

    All your theme are brilliant.
    Thanks for this. When you input more language?

    How can I change icons in Service options? And what happens in next theme upgrade? Did it change again?

    Best regards

    • Hello George,

      Thank you, being appreciated makes all the efforts worthwhile 🙂

      Languages: These will be added as and when volunteers submit them for inclusion. I wish I could translate and include them myself but my language skills are limited.

      Service Icons: You can change the icons by navigating to Appearance >> Customizer >> Unconditional Services Options and enter the desired icon name in the appropriate field. There is a link to the cheatsheet in the same section – unfortunately currently the customizer does not seem to allow for hyperlinks.


  13. Red

    Hi there,

    I was just wondering if it were possible to make images appear alongside the post ‘snippet’ (just like your Rendition theme) that appears on the Home page under Latest News when you make a new post, as opposed to just text?


    • Hello Red,

      The images should appear automatically provided a “Featured Image” has been set for the post.

      To set a Featured image please navigate to the post edit screen, scroll down and you should see the section at the bottom right of the pane – click the link to assign/upload the desired image and save the post.

      Hope that helps.


  14. Jakub

    Hey guys,
    Great job with this theme. One question. How I can change READ MORE BUTTON for “SERVICES OPTIONS”. I mean i just want to change words for polish .
    Thanks a lot !

  15. Fiona

    Hi there – loving this theme, looks really great!
    My only issue (and apologies as I see you were asked this a while back), I’d like to chance the colour theme from red to green, but can’t find this in the stylesheets – is there a way to change to a specific colour?

    Cheers 🙂

    • Hi Fiona,

      No need for apologies – I must have missed the question if a response was not give.

      To change the color scheme you’ll first need to create a child theme. You’d then copy the styles from either style.css and/or custom.css in to the child theme’s style.css.

      For example, to change the background color of the “Services” section youd copy the code @line 139 to 142 in the custom.css file and then change it to the desired color.

      Hope that makes sense.


  16. Mashush

    I’m using your theme… i wanna change the red color, but i cant reach css file… its seem like “about theme” file

    • Hello Mashush,

      The file structure is set as such so to avoid accidental file edits and break the design.

      To change the colors of any given elements please create a child theme and copy over the css for the elements that need changing and edit them to your needs.

      Hope that makes sense.


  17. Ben


    I would like to make the words on a post wrap instead of being hyphenated.

    How can I do this?


  18. Stuart

    Hi Zulf,

    Great theme and works extremely well for what I’m using it for. However, recently the drop down menus that I have created have stopped working and I am unable to find the solution. They worked great initially but now do not stay open. Have you seen this problem before?

    KInd Regards


  19. J.M.

    Hi There! Sorry if this has already been ask but…

    I’m trying to change the color of the red buttons on the home page. I believe by default they are a “Learn More” and “Sign Up” button but I have since changed their titles… Anyway, I have the style.css that I have been editing in my child theme folder but can’t seem to find the right place in it or code (or something!? I’m not really sure what I’m doing wrong…) to change the button color.

    Also, is there a way to edit in the homepage boxes links where it says “read more”? I’d like to word this differently as my links only direct to a different page on the site and not to continued text that stems off of what was written in the boxes.

  20. Mike

    Having issues creating a child theme for this website. I believe i am doing it correctly, and have checked several online tutorials, but i still cannot get my child theme to show up under Appearance>Themes. Any help or perhaps a link to directions you know to work with your theme(i’m sure that’s not the issue, though) would be appreciated.

  21. Lukas

    Hello Zulfikar Nore,

    Your theme is awesome, I like to use it, but there is one issue I have with it.

    If you please take a look at my page on mobile phone (I tried iPhone4 and iPhone5), you see the header image and home intro buttons are set up wrong for this type of screen. I tried to find out how to fix it (set exact width of the header image etc.), but I didn`t find a solution. Can you please help me?

    Thank you very much in advance


    • Lukas

      Hello Zulfikar Nore,

      thank you for fixing the problem I have mentioned above (I guess you did it 🙂 ). Can you please help me and do the same thing for other mobile devices? I know it is not possible to have exactly the same look because of different size of screens, but it will be great if the page looks quite the same on all devices (like on PC).

      Thank you very much in advance


  22. David Smith

    Hi there

    I am looking to use your theme on my site, but I wondered if there is a way to use it along with the Polylang plugin? I need to have both English and German on the site. Is there any way to do this?

    Many thanks and thanks for providing a great theme to the community.

  23. Mark

    Hi Zulfikar,
    Unfortunately I cannot find an option that maintains a fixed image ratio so all header images distort in use. Please advise how to set the image as fixed-ratio.