Sixth Update – The Latest At WP Strap Code

April has been a good month in terms of production thus far – we had two themes under production and one is now complete. We would therefore like to announce and introduce WP StrapBlogger which is all about blogging with style and has just been uploaded to WordPress for review. Given the current review backlog we don’t expect to see WP StrapBlogger go live just yet – we anticipate the go live date to be around 4 to five weeks time.

In the meantime we’ll be making the theme available for download over at the WP Strap Code store @ very shortly – in the next day or two. Will update this post once we have uploaded it.

The second theme in production is the long awaited WP StrapSlider Pro which we anticipate to go live over at the store and here by the end of this week so watch out for that. Again a full demo will up shortly for you to peruse and see what’s in store for you. We aim to launch the theme at a very affordable price and keep it low for at least 6 months. More information on that will follow shortly.

In conclusion – here’s a link to the demo and documentation of the WP StrapBlogger theme:  WP Strap Blogger Lite – A Clean WordPress Theme!

Do come back once you have demo the theme and give us your feedback – we appreciate each and every single feedback and welcome any suggestion for improvements.

WP StrapHero Is Live

WP StrapHero – our second theme has just gone live on’s repository and you can get access to it @ – full details on the theme and a demo can be found @

We still have two themes in the Que awaiting review – WP MarketingStrap and WPStrapGrid. We hope these will be reviewed and hopefully be approved very soon – but even then, unfortunately there is a long wait for the reviews and once approved the themes may take up to 7 days to go live in the repository.

The Fifth theme – WP Half And Half will be submitted for review in the next few days and at the same time will be pushing a couple of updates for the already approved themes. After that our focus will shift fully to the Premium versions of all 5 themes plus we aim to put a rough draft of new themes to be created as soon as the premium versions are completed. The ideal is to have at least 10 themes in the Lite category with the equivalent amount in the premium category – our aim is to achieve this target by the end of June 2013.

By that time, WordPress 3.6 and hopefully BuddyPress 1.7 should be out and we aim to then shift our full attention on updates for both systems as well bringing you new feature full themes to take advantage of the new and cool stuff both systems have to offer. So stay tuned for more announcements.

WPStrapGrid (the final version) demo site coming soon – in the meantime take a look at the screenshot for the theme set as the featured image.