WP Half And Half – Current Projects Fourth Update

We have now completed our fourth theme that is due to be submitted to WordPress repository – WP half And Half.

We think the name speaks for itself but just to make sure you know what it is, here’s a quick run down on the new theme.

The featured image depicts the theme’s look and fee and as you can see the content and the sidebar are equally split giving them both equal importance – hence the name, WP Half And Half. The theme includes a number of templates for you to set which side the content appears on and weather the posts have thumbnails or not.

In order to fully explain the theme we have put together a site dedicated to the theme where you can view it in action as well as read up on its documentation for usage. Please navigate to WP Half And Half to see it in action and get a better overview of the theme and its functions.

WP Half And Half will be submitted to the WordPress team for review by the end of the week but given the time its taking for themes to be approved, we do not expect it be available for download from the repository until around early April. In the meantime we will have  theme up and ready for download @ our store site where you’ll be able to get access to the FREE version of the theme.

In terms of updates (the fourth in line): WP StrapSlider Lite was re-approved ofter the changes we made to it and should be back in the WordPress repository very shortly – we say shortly as the theme was approved 3 days ago and at the time of writing it has yet to appear in the repository.

WP MarketingStrap was re-submitted about 9 days ago and we hope for it to get its turn on the review table any time soon – hopefully it will be one of the next batch to be released for download.

WP StrapHero went in around the same time but due to the changes made to WP StrapSlider we had to apply the same changes to WP StrapHero and we have therefore asked the review team to set the uploaded version aside without consideration so that we can re-upload the update version to be reviewed instead – we are still waiting on this and the latest version will be uploaded as soon as we get the go ahead with a view to having the theme ready for download in early April.

In the meantime you can still download WP StrapHero over at the store absolutely FREE of charge.

The production of WP StrapGrid is ongoing and the release for the theme has now been put back to the end of this month as we are still ironing out a few kinks the Bootstrap code is throwing up for the layout – we do however have a working (95%) ready version for your preview over at WP StrapGrid site – do let us know your views on it.

WP StrapSlider Undergoes a Facelift And Code Modifications

Update: version 1.0.7 is being uploaded for review.

Following advice from the WordPress review team (thanks Chip Bennett for the review and feedback) WP StrapSlider has had to undergo some code modification in order to fall inline with current WordPress standards and requirements.

The main modification has been on the featured home page carousel. As custom post types are considered to belong to the plugin category we have removed the custom post type “Slider” from the theme. The slider now makes a new WP_Query() in order to pull in the slides from the posts marked as featured.

What does this mean to you?

In order to get the slider going you will need to set up a new category named “Featured” and make posts in this category. These posts will the in turn be pulled by the slider and displayed on the home page.

The post must have a featured image as before – be sure to use an image wide enough for the screen and we recommend a 1400 by 500 image for best results.

By default the new slider loop is set up to show the latest 5 posts from the above mentioned category with the options to override this in the settings that can be found under the theme customizer. Further options are available to set the slider transition to either slide or fade plus the option to turn the slider off completely. The caption has been given a much cleaner look and repositioned on the slider – this will pull in the post title plus the excerpt from the content and will return “Continue Reading” option to click through to the post for further reading – see it in action on the theme URI here<<

The rest of modifications are just cosmetic to give the theme a much cleaner look – all site headings now sport a uniform look in color scheme. In addition we’ve added support for comments on static pages.

On the To Do List are the option to upload own favicons and the option to change the footer copyright text – we aim to have these made available via the theme customizer the next update if at all possible.

We hope you will like the new look and feel plus the mentioned modifications and will agree that they are they way forward. We do however welcome questions and feedback if you have any and we’ll do our best to address them as soon as possible.

Current Projects – Third Update

Here we are, back again with another update – the third in our installments.

Its been a slow month in terms of releases and unfortunately most of it is out of our hands. We made a decision to make all our Free themes available for download from the WordPress repository and a great decision indeed, the only down side to that is we have to wait for a long time to have the themes reviewed and approved – give or take some delay for code adjustment to meet the stringent review process.

With that said, here’s an update as to where we stand with development and releases….

WP MarketingStrap is currently up for review and we hope to have it approved very soon – in a matter of days. The demo for the theme is available at http://www.wpstrapcode.com/wpmarketingstrap/

WP StrapHero (See image in the sidebar) was submitted for review 2 days ago and if all goes well we are looking for it to be available in the next two weeks – provided there are no code change requirements by the review team. In the mean time you can take a look at the demo site here>> http://www.wpstrapcode.com/wpstraphero/

WP StrapGrid is almost complete and should be submitted for review by the end of this week. This one we had to rework it from the ground up and we think it was well worth the effort. We’ll soon have a demo site up for you to have a look at – in the meantime you can see the image on this post.

Also in production stage at the moment are two more themes – an alternative theme to the new and upcoming TwentyThirtee is being prepared and this one is about 90% done with just a few minor adjustments we hope for it be ready by the end of the month if not sooner. We also working on an E-Commerce theme for the Easy Digital Download plugin for use on our Theme Shop at http://wpstrapcode.co and this should be completed by the end of this week. We hope to make a decision on weather we should release it for the general public or retain it as our custom store theme – a decision will be announced by the next update.