Brand New – WP Zocial Plugin

UPDATE: The plugin is now live on

We have now completed our second plugin and are ready to release it for general public consumption. This is a quick announcement on the project and to give you the feel of what WP Zocial is and what it can do for your site.

The aim of this plugin is to bring the Zocial buttons and icons by Sam Collins ( to WordPress by making it easier to insert the buttons and icons without having to remember or mess around with HTML code. WP Zocial comes with a simple yet intuitive and functional shortcode generator to enable you to insert any of the buttons or icons in to your posts and pages and anywhere on your site where your theme accepts shortcodes.

Once again the plan is to have this plugin hosted and distributed via’s repository so as a first step we have submitted it for review and inclusion. As soon as it is live on WordPress we will post a link here to the download and support page – we hope this to be achieved in the next couple of days subject to the plugin being accepted for inclusion.

Click here for a demo of the buttons and icons you can insert in your content via the shortcode generator – do let us know your views and feedback in the comment form at the end of this post, we appreciate all your comments and take into consideration all feedback and views. Where possible we’ll aim to implement as much of your suggestions in to future updates.

[wpzocial account=”wordpress” type=”default” size=”22″ href=””]Download WP Zocial Pro From[/wpzocial]

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Current Projects – First Update

In the interest of transparency and keeping you all informed, we will be doing a number of post under the category of Project Updates where we will aim to list our current projects and their progress with schedules on likely releases.

Again, we open to suggestions and feedback.

So to kick start the project updates subject we have some news for those waiting for our themes.

  1. WP StrapSlider has been submitted for review on WordPress and we hope to have the results from them soon.
  2. We’ve decided to make the Grid version of the theme and we hope to have  this ready for submission to WordPress by the end of this week and subject to the results of the first submission. A demo can be seen at:
  3. As you all know, our first plugin is out and available from the WordPress repo at: – the second plugin should be ready for submission by the weekend or early next week.
  4. Back to the subject of themes – the pro versions of both the WP StrapSlider and WP StrapGrid are under development and should be ready by early February – more info soon.

What can you expect from us?

Our aim is to facilitate your with a choice of themes and plugins both free and paid for commercial ones – we are working on a way of delivering these to you in the most convenient and hustle free way. All our themes and plugins will be based on the Twitter Bootstrap toolkit – we hope you will agree that the toolkit is quiet robust, well maintained and very extensible giving great usage experience to both developers and end users.

We welcome any comments, suggestions and feedback on our products plus on what you would like to see – we will do our best to accommodate as many as we possibly can. So do please take a moment to have your say below and let us know your views.

WP StrapSlider Lite

We are almost ready to release the WP StrapSlider Lite theme – Our first [wpzocial account=”twitter” type=”default” href=””]@WPStrapCode[/wpzocial] with many more to come.

A full write up on the theme will be available here shortly once the download link has been sorted out – we aiming to have the theme on [wpzocial account=”wordpress” type=”default” href=””]WordPress[/wpzocial] but should that fail then we will host it here.

Stay tuned for more!

Our First Plugin – WP Elusive Iconfont

UPDATE: The plugin is now hosted on WordPress Repository and is available for download from there – the download button has been updated to link to the plugins new home – See sidebar.

[icon name=icon-cogs size=icon-10x align=pull-left color=icon-brown]I have released a new plugin for adding the Elusive Inconfont set to WordPress using shortcodes – the plugin is made Free and available for download over at GitHub.

It comes with a number of options selectable right within the Shortcode Generator Interface included and can be launched by clicking the Flag icon available on the page/post editor while writing new articles. See screenshot below.

The plugin was inspired by Rachel Baker’s Font Awesome Icons WordPress Plugin – also available Free on GitHub.

Options include:

  1. Selection of the icon type.
  2. Selection of icon size.
  3. Icon alignment – pull-left or pull-right.
  4. Icon color – select from a pre-set number of colors …More will be added in the future or maybe a colorpicker could be employed.
  5. Type – Currently only icon-border and icon-spin are available with icon-border needing a little more work.

The Generated shortcode will look something similar to:

[ icon name =icon-envelope size =icon-6x align =pull-left color= icon-brown ]

depending on your selection and without the spaces after and before the [  ] plus before the = sign.

Here are some examples….

[icon name=icon-facebook size=icon-3x color=icon-blue] [icon name=icon-twitter size=icon-3x color=icon-turquoise] [icon name=icon-pinterest size=icon-3x color=icon-red] [icon name=icon-googleplus size=icon-3x color=icon-maroon] Notice that these icons are clickable – This is achieved by highlighting the entire shortcode and then using the insert link chain on the editor and not via the plugin.

Plugin Screenshots


Above is a screenshot of the editor with the Flag icon for the plugin – Below is a screenshot of the Shortcode Generator which pops up when the flag icon is clicked. This is where you would make your selections and then insert the shortcode in to your posts and pages. Short code can also be generated and copied to text widgets on any of the sidebars. If you use the Black Studio TinyMCE widget plugin as I do, you will find the flag icon there ready for use in your sidebars.


Currently the plugin is available via [icon name=icon-github size=icon-large color=icon-green]GitHub but I’m working on having the stable version here on site and keeping the repository for production purposes. Also working on getting the plugin included on the WordPress Repository too.

WP Strap Code Launch

Getting off the ground with the launch of WP Strap Code – Combining Twitter Bootstrap Framework with WordPress themes and Plugins for that better user experience.

Coming soon:-

Tuts: Theme creation using the Framework – The quick and dirty method or The getting down to the dirty work, we’ll cover both.

Resources: Tools and starter themes you can use for a quick start development to any project you can handle.

[notification type=”success”]Watch this space for more!. [/notification]