typewscWP Strap Code – Is a project aimed at combining the best of WordPress practices and code with the Twitter Bootstrap Framework toolset.

Putting the two together we aim to bring you functional and feature filled themes and plugins for your WordPress powered site(s).

Our products will range from Child themes to stand alone themes both Free and Premium for all types of Websites – Our main goal is to cater for everyone and the less explored Internet Marketing site owner’s arena.

As we put the site together and finalize our product range we will be adding more information here and around the site in the form of posts. Any feedback is welcome and will be highly appreciated.

If you are a WordPress developer or have a related product we would love to hear from you – we want to be in partnership with you, not in competition. So don’t hesitate to give as a shout and join our community.


    • Zulfikar Nore

      Hello Paul,

      Glad to hear you love the theme 🙂

      If you can give specific details I’ll look in to accommodating the requirement if the current widget locations in the footer do not suffice.

      WE are open to all suggestions to make the theme better so please feel free to throw in any ideas, feedback and suggestions for consideration.


  1. Hi
    – I can not see wp strapslider pro demo (broked link)
    – I need to know if it has
    * auto Dropdown Menu (onmuseover=onclick)
    * Change de option about the imagen public (slider, post and img destacada) and
    * Config a logo



    • Zulfikar Nore

      Hello Roger,

      Unfortunately all our demos are under reconstruction after being accidentally deleted by a bad coded plugin.

      To answer your questions
      1) Currently no, the theme does not support auto dropdown if you mean on mouse hover – it only supports dropdown on mouse click.
      2) The slider runs of posts from a selectable category – images are pulled from the posts featured image which you set yourself.
      3) Yes you can add your own logo or use text base site title.

      Hope that helps but if there’s anything else you’d like to know please feel free to ask or raise a ticket for a private response if the need be.


  2. I’m building a site using your Sequel theme and ran into an issue. I have it set to only “feature” posts using a given tag. The problem is, it’s displaying every post as a featured post. How do I get some posts to NOT show as “featured”? I thought that’s what the tag was for?

  3. I’m trying to use some custom post types and custom categories and want to make a child theme from wp-headr to display the custom post types (curriculum resources, for example). The child theme does not seem to work for pages and styles. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

  4. Scott Boyd

    Hello Zulf,
    I use your rendition theme for my start-up telemental health counseling business. I love the theme as it is very functional. I am wondering if you would permit me to use the dragonfly picture for business cards? I’d like my site and business cards to look similar. If that is possible, please let me know the conditions of doing so. I appreciate your consideration.
    Thank you

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